Mood Alert July 30th-31st, 2010

We are now at the height of one of the most concentrated periods of planetary alignments for quite some time – indeed probably the biggest alignment period since Mood Alert first started over 8 years ago.

Of particular note is the massive alignment featuring Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. Also of note is the alignment involving Neptune, Earth and Mercury. There is lso the effects of a geomagnetic storm to contend with.


For more effects of this massive alignment see below

Today also sees the opposition of the Moon and Mars and Saturn. With such a wide diversity of influence it is bound to be difficult to come to an accurate prediction for likely moods and feelings. However the sheer complexity of the situation guarantees a confusing, frustrating and highly challenging mood atmosphere with contrasting emotions that are likely to range between various extremes.

Certainly this is a heady cocktail of moods and feelings that for some may prove unsettling, and with the Moon currently in opposition to Mars there is likely to be an element of raised aggression and belligerence.

On the other hand the influence of Saturn will at least bestow restraint, discipline and control, but with the potential for doubtful, pessimistic and insecure emotions that may tend towards depression or an overly bleak view of ones prospects. Then again there is the quirkiness of Uranus to contend with. This can give rise to eccentric, out of character emotions with drastic and dramatic solutions to even mundane problems of an everyday nature. In the next 24 hours the influence of Uranus becomes all the more heightened as it aligns with the Moon and this is out of the top category of mood unsettling influences with the potential for major disruption.

All in all this is an almost unprecedented period of celestial complexity. The negatives include aggressive unpredictable, and unduly pessimistic inclinations, whereas the positives are likely to see determined, inspired and original ideas that have the potential for life altering changes of direction.

As mentioned in the previous alert this atmosphere also forms a time of pivotal importance, so that ones personal life will be shaped and changed, either to a subtle or major extent – for better or worse – but either way emerge with an altered perspective as well as altered personal horizons.

Alert is 8. Moon 85% illuminated.



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