MOOD ALERT July 28th-29th, 2010

28th – 29th July 2010

As mentioned in previous alerts we are now coming to one of the years most concentrated periods of planetary alignments. Indeed just two days after the Full  Moon we are in the midst of a massive conjunction featuring Venus, Mars, Saturn, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus. In addition we are at the peak of the alignment featuring Mercury, Earth and Neptune.

Essentially it means that all of the major planets of the Solar System are now in alignment with the Earth – an exceedingly rare event, that is a first since Mood Alert began. Indeed the first mentioned alignment above is the most enormous we have ever reported on and gives some indication of the uniqueness of this current period.

With regard to moods and emotions this will inevitably be a period of the utmost complexity. The lingering effects of the Full Moon will still be evident contributing to tense, nervous restlessness with heightened awareness,  perception and also raised apprehensions and anxiety.

As with any Full Moon situation there will also be more belligerent, aggressive and confrontational moods with the potential for arguments and contentious encounters. Strong feelings are likely though these will to some extent be moderated by the influence of Venus. This may introduce more sympathetic and understanding emotions with affectionate and caring inclinations that will help to calm the harsher elements of this alert period. Inevitably with such an enormously complex celestial situation there will be a wide contrast of moods and inclinations some of which may tend to cancel each other out. In reality however the interpretation of this unique celestial  situation could run to book length.

A summary of likely emotions (already published) is included below, but certain to say this  mood environment is bound to evoke some degree of confusion, chaos, and frustration. Negatives include a hesitant, uncertain and vague outlook with poor concentration, whereas the positives see a more imaginative, powerful, resourceful and inventive disposition that may see solutions to problems that may not otherwise have been possible.

Whatever the case this is a unique mood atmosphere that will offer substantial challenges as well as rewards and will be of pivotal importance (for better or worse) in framing ones future course of development.

Alert is 8.5. Moon 96% illuminated.

Disturbances likely

Times of heightened planetary alignment almost inevitably lead to a corresponding rise in natural disasters, social turmoil and headline events the world over. As such this current celestial situation is likely to be no exception and its sheer magnitude means that for the next month or so there is the likelihood of extreme events and happenings that will add significant colour to news bulletins everywhere.

Massive alignment.

Currently we are influenced a massive alignment featuring Mars, Saturn, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus. In the next 24 hours this will be joined by Venus and constitutes one of the biggest alignments witnessed since Mood Alert first began. Predicting likely moods from this gathering is far from easy

Certain to say there will be a confusion of moods and feelings with contrasting inclinations and competing emotions that are likely to represent a roller coaster of feeling that will range between various extremes. For example Mars is now coming into alignment with Saturn and this is likely to create self- assertive but disciplined emotions with practical, controlled, or limited feelings. However there may also be a severe or ambitious edge to inclinations with unscrupulous, selfish, cruel or even violent behavioural patterns.

In the next 24 hours this will be balanced by the gentler more affectionate feelings of Venus. At the same time Jupiter may offer a more affable , generous and fun loving mood environment, though, as mentioned many times here the planet is in long term alignment with Uranus. This is creating strong deviation from the norm that although capable of inventive and highly innovative thought, is also prone to drastic anti-social compensation for personal inadequacies.

To complicate matters further we are now coming to the height of the alignment between Neptune, Earth and Mercury. This will continue to active for at least the next week or so and is likely to result in sensitive mental expression with vague, idealistic and imaginative emotional impulses. In addition there may be confused, absent-minded, dishonest, and chaotic feelings interspersed with vague fears and imaginings.



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