Interesting events in Canada recently!


Tornadoes and funnel clouds in Alberta and Ontario.

Massive forest fires in Quebec and BC.

Warmer than normal temps up north.

An oddly mild winter that has left the water levels in the St-Lawrence river terribly low, is causing water shortages in Quebec.

Terrible rain in Ontario and Quebec, nearly every day.

An earthquake, surprise! In Ontario-Quebec.

Terrible flooding in the west. Three provinces. Parts of Trans-Canada highway shut down. Crops ruined.

Odd temperatures, fluctuating wildly.

WTF?? Time to leave? LOL

4 thoughts on “Interesting events in Canada recently!

  1. Mason Cowie says:

    I heard about the earthquake around Ottawa, and it was unusual, I was also asked if there is any around here, so far none but I would be surprised if I happened to feel it sometimes soon if there’s more to come, I don’t mind the rain though, but forest fires sucks.

  2. heidilore says:

    Hmm, I forgot about the sinkholes…lol

  3. Stranger says:

    Living in a floating capsule/apartment in the air may become
    very attractive soon.

    Watch out for those sinkholes Heidi…

  4. Agent Black says:

    Like it hasn’t already been time to leave Canada lol.

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