Clean-up workers unpaid, laid off

PENSACOLA – A group of about 200 local workers say they’ve been fired.

The clean-up crews were working for Pital Staffing. Some of the employees gathered on the corner of Myrick and Garden Streets in Pensacola to express their frustration.

The workers claim they have not been getting paid for weeks of service. One of the laid-off employees who wants to remain anonymous says they were promised jobs only to find out today that their contacts have been terminated.

“After you’d worked them all week in the hot sun for 13-14 hour days and then you spring this on them? You know thats not good. You know i feel like if you keep your word…You keep your word.”

A witness says the workers were escorted off the property by police Friday.

9 thoughts on “Clean-up workers unpaid, laid off

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  2. johnny minder says:

    how about this one,I johnny minder,nathen daniel sellers,jamey farrington,worked 2 weeks suposed to be getting paid bye last friday,this friday and still no responce and i realy have had a hard time keeping my cool so if thares anything anyone can do about us getting paid please do so,thankyou contact #850-910-5165,ps this whole oil spill has really became a mess and all we want is to get paid so that we can move on to hopefully find a better company to work for thanks for your time.07-29-2010,8:15,pm pensacola,fl 32506

  3. ragencajun says:

    I am still employed by P2S and after weeks of getting paid on time,Last weeks check and this weeks check are not there in mail.
    I feel BP and P2S have WRONGED a lot of GOOD(not druggies and dregs of society) by lying about pay and cutting pay to workers who were suffering in extreme heat conditions. I also noticed that P2S has not been as nice to the workers since the wage cuts…It is a sad world we live in when regular people cannot get some type of work,longer than 5 weeks. Trust me…they are pulling more oil out now,as I see it and dispose of it daily when I am at work,but they continue to cut jobs. And why did only lower level employees,not the white shirt supervisors or upper management,wages get cut while the BIG SHOTS pay never changed if it was BP wish to change the response.
    Shame on anyone that thinks we are wrong for being totally misled and USED.

  4. raymond thornhill aka trash man says:

    i think that the hard working people ,working and the ones that was home sleep,that got laid off for no reseaon,should be able to flie some kind of claim,because you dont hire a bunch people to do your work ,knowing ,that there wasnot any jobs in pensacola and santa rosesa and then just lay them without 2 week notice,or dont tell them the day their working,dont lay them off while ,they are at in the bed ,thinking they still have job

  5. Jackie Robertson says:

    I also worked for P2S and it seems like they did all the Green Shirts,the same way as everyone here has said.We waited on the Bus under a small tent in the pouring rain and it never came and we were just left hanging.Finally 6 weeks later,I got a recorded message on my answering machine! It said Thank’s and you did a great job!But just to let you know you need to find another one.I have never seen any operatation ran like this in my life,I’m really considering writing a book,I feel sure that it would be a Best Seller.There were so many thing’s that went on with that job and on that job until it is hard to believe.I put a claim for lost wages,it was Denied I just got the letter today 10/20/2010.But there was workers on the Beach where we were working just another company name thats all they did.I feel like every P2S worker that was done like this should all get togather and take legal action,like a class action law suit.P2S also treated us like we were there prisioners and that is the truth.My Email address is,we all need to unite and get a Attorney………………………………………………………………………………….

  6. Jackie Robertson says:

    I was just wondering if any of you P2S workers out there who said that they did not get paid,if you ever did get your money? And also if any of you filed a Claim for lost wages? And if you were Denied Also? I think it is ahame how us American Hard Workers are treated,and I’m just not happy about this at all.I hope you all take a step forward.Thank’s alot,Jackie Robertson

  7. marie says:

    Is there a class action lawsuit for p2s workers? If so, how do i contact them?

    • joe rotolo says:

      Hi Marie,

      My name is Joe Rotolo saw your question about a P2S lawsuit. I was also employed by P2S. If you have not got involved in a lawsuit yet we have started a class action suit against P2S. Please call me for information 850-835-0427



    • Jackie Robertson says:

      The Attorney is,Heather F.Lindsay she is out of Milton Florida.All P2S Workers should call her and get your name on the list she has filed a Class Action Lawsuit against P2S.Her Number is 850-623-3200. Good luck to everyone and spread the Word,pass the number on to all co/workers.Sincerely,Jackie L.Robertson/prior P2S worker.

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