Oil contaminated shrimp has been harvested from “oil-free” waters in the Gulf

State officials reopened two oyster harvesting areas in St. Bernard Parish while expanding fishing closures in lower Terrebonne Parish due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The Terrebonne closure, which affects both recreational and commercial fishing, was instituted after a report of oil-covered shrimp was verified.

According to a news release from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Capt. Lyle Dehart of the shrimping vessel Rocking Angel caught oily shrimp around midnight on Friday in Bayou Severin, near Sister Lake. Shrimpers on the boat reported that their fingers stuck together when they touched the shrimp.

Officials from Wildlife and Fisheries boarded the boat on Saturday morning, noting that there was oil on the deck and the shrimp had black on their legs and heads. Samples were taken to confirm the substance is from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.



3 thoughts on “Oil contaminated shrimp has been harvested from “oil-free” waters in the Gulf

  1. Ed says:

    Bad news for sure.

    I’ve been wondering; Are there currently other oil gushers in the Gulf of Mexico ? I ask because, every time a report is made of oil, they need to confirm that it came from the Deepwater Horizon. That being the case, there must be others. I know and you know there are no other gushing wells in the GOM. So who are they trying to CON with this, we’ll take samples and test to make sure it came from the BP spew, crap ?

    What a bunch of tarballs.

  2. Ruby says:

    You know, oil does flow into the aters naturally upon occassion. not all oil in the oceans are due to BP.

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