5 thoughts on “It doesn’t add up…

  1. bwinwnbwi says:

    Of course it doesn’t add up–and it never will! In Newsweek’s 5-17-10 article “Slick Operator” the article details how and why BP escapes huge fines and legal convictions. BP has determined it is in their financial best interest to let maintenance and safety issues slide. They have determined that it is cheaper to pay for cleanup and liability suits then it is to finance backup fail-safe systems for pipelines, oil rigs, etc.. The head of BP’s “the best that money can buy” legal team is a former deputy attorney general under George H. W. Bush who had previously served as chief of the Justice Department’s environment division. The article goes on to say, that before investigators accumulate enough evidence to convict, BP pulls it’s White House strings, and the agents are reassigned to another case. These strings exist because BP has been one of the biggest suppliers of fuel to the Pentagon , with much of its oil going to U.S. military operations in the Mideast. According to Newsweek, it sold $2.2 billion in oil to the Pentagon last year, making it No.1 among all the oil companies in sales to the military. In other words, BP has its own “get out of jail card” when push comes to shove; if push does come to shove, however, the Pentagon would simply invoke a national-security exception for BP. Bottom line, without oil the military industrial complex ceases to exist–that will not happen.

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  4. Ed says:

    Oh come on. You know those are just shadows in the satellite image. lol

  5. John495 says:

    Very nice site!

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