Oil leak is 5 times greater than reported by officials

The amount of oil gushing from BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is five times more than what the oil company and the U.S. Coast Guard are currently estimating, said a Florida State University oceanography professor on Saturday.

At an oil spill environmental forum at the Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front, Ian MacDonald said the blowout is gushing 25,000 barrels a day.

The Coast Guard and BP estimate 5,000 barrels a day of crude is spewing into the Gulf.

MacDonald said his estimate is based on satellite images and government maps forecasting the slick’s trajectory.

MacDonald also told a crowd of about 100 gathered for the discussion that he’s been frustrated by the lack of data from federal responders and BP since the April 20 explosion and subsequent spill.

Dick Snyder, director of the Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation at the University of West Florida, said satellite imagery and maps give a misleading picture of the spread of the spill.

Chemical dispersants and exposure to sunlight have made some of the oil nearly invisible and hard to detect, he said.

Testing seawater for a hydrocarbon signature is needed to adequately track the oil spill so cleanup operations can be activated before it arrives, Snyder said.

A proposal by UWF to conduct such testing off the Pensacola coast was rejected by the state Department of Environmental Protection, Snyder said.

Both Snyder and MacDonald are members of the newly created Oil Spill Academic Task Force.

The organization brings together resources of Florida’s academic institutions to assist the state of Florida and the Gulf region in preparing for and responding to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The task force consists of scientists and scholars working in collaboration with colleges from the State University System as well as private colleges.



8 thoughts on “Oil leak is 5 times greater than reported by officials

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  2. Aye Claudius says:

    I am from the Government. And I am here to help you!!! 😉

  3. Georgann Marks says:

    I wonder if everything I saw in the news was a lie — I mean, since childhood…. I was born in 1947.

    James Bamford’s expose on Roosevelt ‘allowing’ Japan to kill those boys at Pearl Harbor really shook me…. and made me realize that Jews really DO control my world.

    This teensy sliver of humanity [if you can call it that] continues to dictate policy around the world – using other Jews in media and government to provide cover.

    I’ve never trusted a Jew – they are always so self evidently slippery.

    • The Big One says:

      To Georgann Marks,

      Enough with the racist BS already. That isn’t at all helpful. There’s a huge difference between people in positions of influence and power that may be Jewish and the entire Jewish race/religion/ethic/.

      Smarten up!

      This is about money and power running amok with no real culpability or responsibility … this has little to do with any particular race or religion.

      It’s about the banksters, the hidden powers that run the politics and media on the planet.

      They come in all flavors, colors, and so-called “religious beliefs” groups.

      Whether or not everything you’ve seen since you were born is a lie or not is irrelevant if you can’t perceive and think clearly … meaning “without prejudice or bias”.

  4. […] The rest is here: Oil leak is 5 times greater than reported by officials « Heidi … […]

  5. robertsgt40 says:

    I hope you’re not suggesting our govt would lie to us. Cheney can vouch for Haliburton being on the up and up. Remember, he’s a straight “shooter”

  6. Stranger says:

    I just saw a video that shows it is the fallen riser that is

    Had I seen that video earlier,I would have suggested using
    a technique used in the development of the nuclear bomb.

    Explosives lenses could have been placed around the riser
    below the leaks.
    When properly detonated,they would have crimped the riser
    and stopped the oil leak.

    BP can send me the check(s) for this consultation.
    Heidi has my particulars and should also get a fee
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