There is a BP cover-up…

Something about this does not sit well with me. There is little reporting in the media about the oil leaking. The media isn’t covering it as in-depth as they do with other disasters. There is something off here, and it is largely being ignored. I read this today:

It’s Captain John
The vessel of opportunity program meeting provided by BP, that I attended yesterday along with 400 of my local commercial fishermen, charter boat captains, and deckhands, was nothing more than a man sized pacifier dangled in front of all of us to buy more time. Not one boat was hired, not one man got a job. A total of 17 boats have been hired in the state of Mississippi, all out of the Pascagoula area. I learned how to boom oil, stretch booms, safety gear techniques, and most importantly what sedimentary dispersion of oil is. Don’t over think it folks.Sedimentary dispersion is simply dropping the oil to the sea floor, with the use of toxic dispersant, in 5000 feet of water, hoping the currents will remove it from the cameras view.

Thank goodness for CNN reporting that only two birds died, and two birds were cleaned and then set free, oh what a great job BP is doing. The Alabama Department of Wildlife and Fisheries personally confirmed to me that 3 porpoises have washed up on Horn Island 11 miles away from our home shore, BP has confirmed that the oil is still 30 miles off shore. But as of Tuesday, I personally captained my boat through an oil spill as big my house, 8.6 miles due south, north of the barrier islands. I informed City Hall, our local media, our county supervisors, they all told me I must have been mistaken, but the white towel I dipped in the oil is still a sore subject with The Bumpkin as it will never come clean. That pesky rusty algae, looks like oil to me. Yeah, can you believe it, oil sitings reported to DMR and BP are being discounted as rust colored algae in the water. First time since the 80’s I’ve seen rust colored algae in these waters.

People they are treating us like fools, to protect the bottom line.
This has far surpassed a BP cover up, this cover up is being supplied by the US Government.
This must be the 9th day in a row, that the oil is just now hitting the Chandeleur Islands, the largest bird sanctuary I have ever seen in my life, not to mention the loudest. Fishing 50 yards off those islands, you can’t hear the man in the boat next to you, the birds are so loud.
They are pretending to coordinate locals into this effort, yet have denied over qualified help, due to administrative loop holes. I don’t know how many loop holes there are, but I for one am tired of jumping through those hoops. I have been as nice as I am going to be. At this point I am encouraging any federal agency to arrest me for performing animal rescue work. First responders with their hands tied behind their back, I won’t tolerate it. Thank god forTri-state Bird Resuce the DELAWARE agency that has been hired by BP to rescue every single animal in need. How ridiculous, they also can not coordinate qualified volunteers, yet are being paid to do so. Gag orders signed, check’s in the mail. These animal’s are riding on Hush Money? Our marine life does not have the luxury of time, they have to eat, they have to breathe, WTF people? Who’s the animal’s voice in this situation, who’s gonna step up, paid or not? Most importantly, WHEN, when are they gonna step up? We should have teams of rescue and cleaning volunteers on those islands, we should have cleaning stations aboard the vessels, we should have immediate transport to medical facilities, we have none of the above.

Got that from:

Since when does the media start to ignore disasters? Well, it certainly seems it has been for this oil leak and the flooding in the south.

Come on…we blamed Bush for Katrina. Where is the outrage here? Where is Obama?


2 thoughts on “There is a BP cover-up…

  1. Stranger says:

    They could have lowered an essentially weighted needle
    with an expanding shaft (using explosives) into the well.

    The shaft of the needle would be essentially a crimped
    cone around the explosives and smaller than the inner
    diameter of the well shaft.The weights attached to the
    top of the needle would drive the needle into the well
    as the entire assembly is being lowered by cable.

    The explosives in the shaft of the needle would re-expand
    the cone to plug the well shaft.

    Or the needle could be tapered and driven into the well
    shaft by explosives.

    Perhaps a French company will do the job.

  2. Stranger says:

    Of course a hollow tapered needle with an open side valve could be used
    instead.It would be inserted into the open oil shaft and welded onto the
    broken metal shaft protruding from the well (if there is one).

    Then the side valve could be closed.

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