Alaska quakes?

Quite a few 5ers, a couple of 6ers.

Now, we also have this volcano:

The activity detected in the Redoubt volcano in Alaska, where a glacier on the north side has a hole whose size has doubled in one night, makes scientists fear an eruption, local press reported Tuesday. Scientists at the Alaska Volcano Observatory have confirmed that the area is a vent, an opening in the surface emitting gases and steam, and its size, which continues to increase, is already over two stages.

Scientists have also seen water flowing from the glacier, indicating that the heat of magma inside the volcano, located south of Anchorage, is getting closer to the surface of the mountain. The signs have spread concern among scientists that the volcano might erupt and emit a cloud of ash toward Anchorage, the largest city in the state, or other locations in the Kenai Peninsula.

If it occurs, would be the first eruption of Redoubt volcano since 1990. The volcanoes of Alaska “alert” that will erupt in a series of small earthquakes prior, due to magma moving beneath the earth’s crust. The Observatory has been some earthquakes of up to 2.1 degrees, but not with the frequency of previous eruptions.


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