Earth Day

Just need to get something off my chest here.

Your elected officials do not care about the earth. This needs to be reiterated. There is no love for the earth from these individuals. Sure, they come out and say recycle, change your light bulbs, blah blah blah…but it is merely lip service.

These people are against natural law. What am I talking about, you ask. Surely it is good to recycle and do our part.


Natural law is defeated via genetically modified crops and the chemicals used to sustain said crops.

With Tom Vilsack and Islam A. Siddiqui are within the Obama administration, Monsanto has friends in the Obama administration.

You cannot be a friend to the earth and support these policies. You have no labeling, no choice. The food supply is tainted by chemicals and GMO’s…yet they insist on environmental policy. This is a joke. The FDA wants to crack down on salt, which has me laughing and wondering how much more ridiculous this can get.

*Quietly wonders if Monsanto is developing a new form of salt.*

Address the faults of the FDA and USDA regarding GMOs, antibiotics in milk, tainted food…then maybe I can take you seriously.

Until then, this administration is an enemy of the earth, not a friend.

Oh, might want to check up what Monsanto’s Round-Up does to frogs. Yeah, friends of the earth. Quit kidding yourselves. You can recycle all you want to, but the simple fact is that the true, nefarious reasons for the destruction of this planet remain woefully hidden.


14 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. Talk about unregulated food production! You would not believe what people do behind our backs while they’re claiming to feed us healthy food. The alternative: organic free food. Take a look at

  2. Mike says:

    Earth Day is my birthday, unfortunately 😦

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  4. Mason Cowie says:

    Well, couldn’t say much about food supply, all I know is that they once break the natural law and they will do it again until they learn it the cold hard way, and I said cold because it sucks that I don’t have enough money yet to buy REAL foods, the ones that are still in some stores, I only got one box of corn flakes once and that was a bit pricey, there should be enough food for all of us I mean there gotta be some logical in how we can get it, there’s a lot of spaces around to grow food and yet the only ones I ever seen is on the farms, I want to see some food grow in someone’s backyard for a change, that’s with some only a small bags of seeds, and also as long as we have a lot of cows and lot of raining clouds, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Stranger says:

    Perhaps the food chain is being re-engineered
    to support another dominant species besides

    Humanity is perhaps being phased out on this

  6. anarchore says:

    Damn right Heidi and well said. The soil food web needs to be respected, not destroyed like farming does today.

    No war but the Class War.

  7. Mental says:

    HuH.. my comment as Anarchore didn’t show up… trying again.. well said Heidi, death to Monsanto!

  8. Input1776 says:

    I had heard about Mansanto’s malevolent reign over the agricultural domain. I now have some more insight into the problem. Thank you Hiedilore!

  9. The Anti-Panic Mechanic says:

  10. “You cannot be a friend to the earth and support these policies. You have no labeling, no choice.”

    You [U]do[/U] have a choice: buy organic food or grow your own.

  11. The “do” above was supposed to be underlined but I forgot to use HTML instead of BB code. 😦

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