Ragnarök Refresher

When Ragnarök come, winter and cold weather will last for three years, with no summer in between the winter seasons. This was known as fimbul-winter “mighty winter”, snowing from all directions. Throughout the world, great battles would be fought; all taboos would be broken, brothers killing one another, and sons would murder their fathers too, mostly out of greed. No kinship would be sacred. This period would be known as the age of axes, age of swords, age of wolves and age of winds.

The two giant wolves, Skoll will swallow up sun (Sol), while Hati shall devour the moon (Moon or Mani). Stars will fall out of the heaven.

The giant worm or dragon Nidhogg that have been gnawing at one of roots of Yggdrasill (Niflheim). Nidhogg would have succeeded in eating away the root that supported Niflheim.

Loki, who was confined in a cavern and punished for his involvement with Balder’s death, will escape from his imprisonment, and lead the giants, and his monstrous offspring, to destroy the gods and mankind. Fenrirwill escape from his magic binding, while the Midgard Serpent named Jörmungand (Jormungand) will escape from his confinement in the sea.

Frost giants and mountain giants will leave their home in Jötunheim, and sailing toward Plain of Vigrid in a ship called Naglfar; while the fire giants led by Surt will leave their fiery home of Muspelheim. Vigrid would be the field of the final battle. Vigrid is an immense plain, a hundred league in every direction.

One thought on “Ragnarök Refresher

  1. angryton says:

    Just a fun little observation: today in Denmark where I live, we had snow, after the summer had seemed to have begun a couple of weeks prior to the volcanic eruption.

    The volcanic cloud is actually making the days darker and colder – depending on how long the eruption lasts, wind directions etc., this volcanic eruption might actually lower the average temperature in Denmark for several months of the summer…

    Not that it in anyway qualifies as a fimbulwinter, but I can imagine that the people living in Scandinavia 1000 years ago might have experienced a volcanic eruption as a VERY bad sign… :o)

    And actually there is a chance that this smaller volcanic eruption might trigger one of the really big volcanoes on Iceland… I wonder what effect that might have…

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