The New Age Movement

Okay, I must say I have been finding a lot of faults with the so-called new agers. Consistently, I am being told that they are open-minded and tolerant. I must wholeheartedly disagree.

The question of emotion…

For instance, one of the things I keep running into is that one should suppress their anger and not let “negativity” control their lives. Okay, yes…I can understand how negativity is not the best thing in the world. I concede that. But what the hell is with suppressing emotions? Can we honestly have a dialogue if one party is judging you for being angry? If one supposedly tolerant individual has already closed their mind off to the reality of life?

Anger is a part of human nature. To deny it exists denies the very essence of humanity. I cannot condone this. I get angry, I get depressed; if you claim that this is a bad thing, you are denying humanity itself. Philosophers have argued this for centuries, the basic human nature.

There is a balance. You have love, and you have hate…and a gray area. Within this cycle are waning and waxing characteristics that do not define us as individuals. They are merely characteristics. To judge a person based on characteristics is disingenuous and dishonorable.

The “New World”

I keep hearing about this new world that is supposed to come about, where so-called enlightened souls will ascend. So what happens to the rest of the people? Does some evil entity leave them behind, place them in a hell? How does this differ significantly from organized religion? This question has never been answered when I press the question. Okay, you ascend. The earth becomes a heaven. What happens to the souls of the unenlightened? It is amazing, when you think about it. This philosophy does not differ from the rest of the control systems, in my opinion.


What the hell does this mean? Sounds rather elitist, in my opinion…which does NOT bother me in the least, mind you, but it bothers me that people push tolerance down your throat while claiming to be more enlightened. Guess what, folks…it isn’t tolerance. Not in the least. I always find it amusing to see people say we are all the same and then talk about enlightenment. News flash…we are not all the same. There are some that have some talents, others that do not. This is humanity. I accept it. Stephen Hawking is a hell of a lot smarter than me that is for sure!

End result

This little rambling will probably tick a lot of people off. It is implied that there is a grand secret out there that others are not privy to, and only those with advanced knowledge can obtain it. Be a warrior of thought, get angry, and embrace your emotions! In the end, this movement is no better or worse than any other system on earth. The difference is that I can accept that!


12 thoughts on “The New Age Movement

  1. Stranger says:

    Feel as thou wilt,with harm to none (without just cause).
    For there are those who believe in an eye for and eye.

    There is a saying, “You shall reap what you so.”
    “Also , A fair trade is no robbery.”

  2. Daniel F says:

    I gave up on New Age churches. They lacked the spiritual depth to make a real transformation. They completely lack Power. They are too superficial to be taken seriously.

  3. Mason says:

    Mmm, I am afraid I do have a problem about expressing my anger, not everyone really accepts anger and when some people do so they have been told to not to talk that way, I agree about this whole thing. I have only known about Enlightenment based on rationalism and not the kind up there, if I am not mistaken. It seems that in my opinion they just really want to wait for something to happen and not actually doing something about the world’s problems which some of us have been trying hard to do so while dealing with the lemmings who, besides the few “powerful” dark people are also making it hard for us to make changes in the world such as this, hopefully they will wake up before they come together and are driven to jump off the cliff, go figure. Let the truth be known that they should be allowed to express anger in some good way, I think.

  4. thevoicecontinues says:

    Hi there Heidi,
    You just remind me of myself !
    Do not forget who YOU are. You do not need anyone but YOURSELF.
    You have your own personality, path to take, and only You will know, no-one else. Anger? Well, I still think that we might need to look at where it’s coming from. This could be a great teacher, as long as you eventualy let it go, or it can eat you up. Strangely enough, I get to some of the best realizations when I get very fustrated or P. O! The new age stuff? As long as it doen’t become a new religion or we might be just turning in circles. Maybe the key is …just to be aware? Things that you had never thought of might happen!!!
    Peace, Cathy.

  5. Stranger says:

    Slaves are not to have any negative emotions towards
    their masters,only love and obedience (even when being
    They are supposed to smile through it all.

    A slave who begins to be upset about his lot
    may one day become so angry (an emotion) he or she may

    If you are struck,should you not feel pain?
    If the pain is enough,should you not cry out?
    If you are cut,should you not bleed?

    You must watch documentaries about slavery.
    One of the ordeals a slave has to endure to
    be an attractive purchase to a slave buyer,
    is to be whipped savagely-and still have a
    smile on his face (I saw such a documentary).

    So you are being trained to be emotionally whipped
    an feel nothing.Then it is to be physically whipped,
    and still smile.
    Then you will be a fit slave to serve the ruling class/caste.

    • Stranger says:

      Another part of this is the need for executioners,
      especially when a large part of a population is to be

      To kill many people day after day requires persons
      who have no feelings for those being liquidated.
      I understand that there are those calling for such a
      reduction in population.
      This would require many executioners/killers.

      That is why I propose the building of a new
      Eden by people who do not wish to be on either side
      of this “reduction.”

      This project would also help the Earth.

  6. angryton says:

    Hi Heidi – I couldn’t agree more… New Age cults by some bizarre twist has turned into the spiritual equivalent of McDonalds.

  7. cadeveo says:

    The New Age movement is mostly built on fantasy. In most cases, it started with a throwing out of the baby with the bathwater. (A reject of the religion/spirituality of older generations/ancestors due to the perceived limitations of those belief systems and, often, based on the really real crimes and moral failings of the people in the leadership of those religious institutions.) Having no mooring in what was good in the traditions they knew, New Agers rummage around in the garbage for anything else at all to feed their personal fantasies of what they believe a proper spirituality should be like. Too often, this ends up being a reactionary embrace of anything that appears to be the opposite of whatever they left behind. Thus, New Agers have been easily suckered in by things that make them “feel” good or seem to be “accepting” . This has especially been true when whatever traditions they threw away seemed to cause them pain.
    The thing about all those old traditions, though, whether Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam, Catholicism, whatnot, is that they’ve had time to develop deep roots and their origins stem from much less superficial times than our owns. For all of their faults and the distortions and corruptions in those and other much older faiths, they had time to be tested over many, many hundreds of years by countless people and have something “genuine” in their methods and reasoning that can still benefit certain people in connecting to the divine. Too many of the New Age religions, however, are just based on fantasies of times that their adherents have no real historical understanding or connection to, save in their own romantic notions and imagination. This isn’t too say that they don’t have a germ of something genuine and of value in them or that they can’t be a workable spiritual way for some people, but they lack a lot of depth for not really having been tested in the same way as something like Buddhism, Sufism, animism, Zoroastrianism, the Mari Paganism of Russia .

    Of course, that’s just one perspective. I could be totally wrong.

  8. Little Morning Star says:

    If one does not express anger, guilt, grief, then they will express themselves, as illness of body, mind and spirit. I do believe that we all have talents. Some choose to develop and use them and others do not. We are all unique, and there is no need to compare our abilities to that of others in order to find our purpose, or to validate in what way we may make a difference.

  9. D. SMith says:

    For every ‘yes it is’ there is a ‘no it isn’t’
    this said,
    Many get confused believing that the so called ‘negative emotions’ should be purged or eliminated. How is this possible?
    IF I take a long sting and say one end is positive and the other negative and then tell you to cut a way the negative, no matter how many times you half the string the two ends will still exist. There distance apart has no meaning, only that the two ‘opposites’ exist eternally holds true meaning.
    for me
    the struggle towards enlightenment is not a purging but a balancing, the achievement of enlightenment not a destination but the beginning of a larger journey.
    Learning to use “ALL” of our emotions appropriately for any given situation is key to balancing, it takes the two ends of the string and melds them together seamlessly,
    like a serpent eating its tail

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