You have a CHOICE

You going to allow these governmental minions to approve your life? You going to sit back and only care about what is on television, or what is going on in some celebrity’s marriage?

EVERYTHING is falling into place, and we allow it to…we do not fight. We do not use reason. We allow them to screw us continually, while rewarding them by buying into the system.

Regression has its price. Rome is burning. Time to turn off the tv, the internet, the video games…

Time to take it to these minions and throw it back into their faces.

I somehow doubt our forefathers had this garbage in mind.

Make your choice…make it wisely.



6 thoughts on “You have a CHOICE

  1. angryton says:

    You are so right – the enslavement is all-encompassing, and most people are actually content to just shut-up-and-shop.

  2. Stranger says:

    We could build a new Eden in the clouds.
    This would be an entire new world that
    would not have any blood on it.

    No human would have lived there before,
    so it would not be an invasion.There would be
    no prior human claim.

    It would be all ours!

  3. Mason says:

    I think I can say that these people in the goverment, deep down they have fear, and they are too afraid to face the fact that sadly no matter what much they hide away the pain, they will lose, and will have to admit that it’s their ignorance and egos that have been wrong all this time, just because they lose their “souls” from whatever it’s that something bad happened to them or it’s their anger and rage doesn’t mean they have a excuse to take it out on others, and just because they lose it once doesn’t mean they can’t have it back, and by that I mean their feelings, sometimes along a way they have to face the fact and finally feel the pain, letting it out, having been abused and/or mistreated by their parents is one thing, but by doing the same thing to others when they get older, they’re no more better than their parents, it was perfect for the unknown group of the beast at the top to hire someone with a dark past to be a leader, because that way, with the unnatural hate for humans, started to kill it own people in it own land, and it have been happening that way for years now, that is with a bit of scapegoating, we all know this and these insane and mad people must be stopped soon if we can, and show them that they have forgotten how to be human, and our message for the darkness is to tell them to go away.

  4. Stranger says:

    Heidilore,I as the conceiver of the Eden Shield/Shell/Homeland
    Of The Clouds/Air (and Space),authorize you to organize on behalf of
    this new idea for those wishing to live in a different way than Humanity as ever lived before.
    (If you so wish).

  5. poopmaster117 says:

    what? cloud city? isn’t it gonna get way crazy during storms and stuff?
    way crazyer is how much it will cost to build if it’s even possible to begin with.

    • Stranger says:

      Thing about your questions again and get back to me.

      To begin with,since they are a floating movable set of
      complexes,they can move away from storms.

      How much did the bailouts cost so far?
      It should be about forty trillion by now.
      What did the Americans get for that?

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