This week, bad energy, solar stuff…

I expect that this week will have insane amounts of energy. Kindly protect yourself via meditation practices or communing with nature.

There is an uptick in solar activity and a possible upcoming CME. Combine this with the New Moon on the 16th and a general anger due to astrological phenomena, and energies will be very high regarding emotions and such. Try to keep calm, although I know it is difficult…

I expect a large earthquake, or even a series of large earthquakes this week. I would also expect some difficulties with networks and electronics.

Spring is also forthcoming this week, so that also adds to the energies.

I urge caution in all dealings. This will be a bad time for communications and trying to convey feelings.

Empaths will be going nuts this week, I expect.


One thought on “This week, bad energy, solar stuff…

  1. vet ikke says:

    Absolutely right Heidi!! I feel the preassure, and smell the anger..

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