Automatic Writing Session March 14th, 2010

I really have not done this in awhile. This was a pretty odd one:

They were lost

Kelsey didn’t want to go

The crayon was there



Secret guest



No pain under water

Wall of water

Once again, if this resonates or makes sense to you, kindly let me know. Thank you! It turns out a couple of my sessions have resonated with some people, so perhaps it can be solved.


One thought on “Automatic Writing Session March 14th, 2010

  1. Stranger says:

    That name Andrew has some significance to me.
    I get my multivitamins from a Korean fellow named

    I sent him my ark sketches,and a few days after,
    a guest that should have been on Coast to Coast
    did not go on.His son Andrew had just died.

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