Why we REALLY need to worry for the future

The bad news continues. Educational systems are collapsing in the USA. Schools being closed down, budgets slashed, teachers laid off, school weeks shortened.

So, what effect will this have later on down the line?

NASA is going to experience massive cuts…knowledge, of course, is being punished. Intelligence is going to be a liability in the new America.

Of course, it is more than obvious this is the goal.

Sadly, our masters feel it is more necessary to fund banks and economic sectors…apparently, money is the answer.

But tell me…what good is money if your next generation cannot count it? Once again, the goal.

This saddens me terribly. While our media concentrates on what Obama ate for breakfast, our children suffer.

This is the ultimate doom.

Dumbed-down zombies incapable of doing anything other than McDonald’s.

Congratulations, partisan whores…


7 thoughts on “Why we REALLY need to worry for the future

  1. ann-marie says:

    ::: Applause :::

  2. Stranger says:

    Their plans have been out in the open for a while now.
    It is for their survival only.

    My plan is for those willing to help and may allow
    millions of family lines to survive,but I need help
    and cooperation.

    We can live in the clouds (at least until things settle

  3. Stranger says:

    I will now give the name to the system that may save a greater
    part of humanity than planned for prior to this.

    I will name it the Eden Shield or Shell.
    Composed of tens of thousands or more huge floating complexes
    in the atmosphere (that can be tightly linked if necessary),the Shield
    floating thousands of feet in the air will hold people and supplies.
    Each complex or Ark will have solar,wind,and or nuclear power.
    They will have landing pads for VTOL (Vertical,Takeoff and Landing
    craft.).They will provide global communications links and offer
    virtual immersion technology (travel without moving).

    They will,when linked offer shade or light to areas needing it.
    They will have laser and or rail guns for anti-meteor or missile defense.

    When linked,the complexes will form a shield(s) in layers to
    help mitigate CMEs (or “Kill Shots”),that prevent the
    Earth from being scorched by the Suns discharges.
    There will be shields above those shields in space having
    nuclear blow-back charges to break up a “Kill-Shot” wave

    It is by these means Humanity may survive the usual
    “Earth Change” to come better than before.

    All Rights Reserved

    (Heidilore knows my true identity if necessary)

    • Stranger says:

      The Eden Shield Or Shell would be for all practical
      purposes a new land or living space (floating in
      the heavens).

      This would be a creation of Humanity (using the
      base materials of Earth).
      It would be an appropriate place for those who
      believe they are part beings of Heaven and part
      beings of Earth.

      Those living there would not be under the Law of the
      Land,or The Law of the Sea.

      There would have to be a new Law,
      The Law of the Air.

      There would be general laws that cover the behavior
      of airships and people in a community,and those
      when an airship is operating apart from any community.

      An airship can leave a community at any time,and
      join another community subject to that community’s

      The goal is to afford each group and member of
      the group the maximum FREEDOMS possible.

      Yes,and the motto or main operating principle
      binding all is:


  4. Dixon Cox says:

    Bad New? Effects later on down the line? The public school system has been in a steady decline for years and effects are all around us. Teachers unions make it impossible to fire underperforming educators so they get shuffled around until they land in a school nobody wants to teach at filled with children who are in the greatest need.

    Yet while the public schools are going down the toilet, the want and need for an education is being filled by other programs. Where I live, one of the programs is KIP, a charter school and it is doing very well. Naturally it is criticized by the teachers unions because they hate completion but they can’t criticize the results.

    I say let the public system fail, educational needs will be meet for those willing to put forth the effort and actually take charge of their futures and their children’s futures. As for the rest, someone has to clean up my mess and make my burgers!

    For those of you who think presidents care about or trust public education system just look at where their children go to school.

  5. D.SMith says:

    Education is always the first weapon of social discord. It is a great battle ground for the hearts and minds of humanity.

    Though one cannot oppress the educated spirit ( it is indomitable) one can destroy the body that contains it, or keep the mind from connecting to the spirit that frees it by thrusting the body into a poverty that consumes the mind with thoughts of daily survival and leaves no energy for higher pursuits or education. This is the oppressor’s great weapon “poverty” it does more violence to the human soul then any weapon ever devised by man.

    Add to those poor souls, the ones who could never think for themselves, those individuals who self enslave, those satisfied to be drones. To them freedom was always just a theory in a book anyway. It mattered little what or who governed them since they follow the loudest voice. Given just enough food, just enough wine, they will live and die unchanged, slave from birth to death no matter the attempts to educate them.

    To others education is the way into the hive mind, the way into the structured hierarchy, these individuals eat the fruit of the cooperate elite and join their ranks in full. They never entertain the ‘spirit’; never questioned the actions of the ruling class, satisfied to be adopted into their ranks they will gladly oppress their brothers and sisters to better their earthly lot.

    But, there are those, those few that ‘education’ brings a mixture of joy and sorrow, great revelations in which they simultaneously see their potential and their chains. In these individuals, in these few, a revolution of spirit is born. It is in those individuals true hope resides. For they know that their true freedom is not won for themselves alone. They are the leaders, the visionaries, the true believers feared by the status quo, seek these people out and join with them in earnest or nurture them in their youth and you will change the world.

    There is no time to be melancholy; there is much to be done, much to be organized, much to be written. Ignorance is all around us and we must erradicate it.

  6. karmathejedi says:

    well stated, now how do we fix it, becomes the head scratcher…

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