Bravo, Obama…bravo

Great job, Obama. You have managed to piss everyone off…the left is alienated by your antics, you continue to make life difficult for everyone except corporate power, and your insane environmental policies are nonsensical at best.

Tell you what…start concentrating on the true threats to our environment. Genetically modified foods and crops, for instance. Corporations continuing to abuse our earth. The list goes on and on.

You don’t care. As this article states, Ralph Nader was correct.

There are consequences to actions. Of course, I knew this would happen. Two party systems rarely produce intelligent discourse.

Thanks again. On behalf of the earth, the taxpayers, the animals…THANK YOU.

4 thoughts on “Bravo, Obama…bravo

  1. @iRevolt says:

    The Left is a facade; they cheered and wept when Obama won and now that he has become nothing more than a pseudo-democrat in a right-winged suit.

    The Left has damned us all,just like Obama.

  2. Tuftskins says:

    The demographics tell the story. Obama was elected largely by a cadre of shiny-eyed youth who thought it would be cool for a Black man to be president. In this election, older Americans stayed home, I think their cynicism won out.

    More and more people are cutting this government off. I am getting my dual citizenship and heading up north, maybe to Revelstoke or Kamloops. I don’t think the US will hold together. Maybe I should just stay in Idaho and let Canada claim us.

  3. steve says:

    Obama sucks.
    He is hated by both left and right.

    the only ones who still like him are the unthinking Obamabots.

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