Sometimes, a prison of the mind is the worst sort.

I do not feel free.

I am taking time off of twitter, I have a couple friends that are helping me out with some spiritual problems…so for my Twitter friends, thank you.

Canuck and Bonedwarf. Thank you for being such good friends.

Anyhow, working through it. The individual that was attempting to get to me in my meditation session is apparently someone that needs my help. Going to try to help, as best I can.

Twitter can be good and can be bad. For the time being, I will not be going as much, as I need to concentrate on LOP and WRH.

I am moderator at a wonderful forum, with friendly souls. Please stop by. I have noticed a couple of friends from Twitter have come, and you are all welcome, to say what you wish. The address is:

Love to all…



3 thoughts on “Prison

  1. Tuftskins says:

    Take care. You are strong. You will get through it.

  2. rulebrittania says:

    You take good care of yourself,been there,understand.


  3. Syd says:

    I miss you

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