What a nightmare.

This is for others that consider themselves earth empaths.

Emotionally, pain-wise it has been a nightmare. There has been some release from the 8.8 earthquake, but to be honest, I feel like a hyperactive child right now. I feel we are going into a new time…this is going to become commonplace.

I weep for our lost souls, I weep for our animal life that is very in tune with this, as some of us are…it is not easy.

Trying to keep some sort of balance. Love helps.

7 thoughts on “What a nightmare.

  1. Syd says:

    For 2 days now I have felt very uneasy, a knot in the pit of my stomach. I haven’t been able to pin-point why. There could be other reasons, but today it has escalated. I shine bright, I light the darkness, I am love. I’ve been repeating this to myself. It helps.

  2. Tuftskins says:

    I was talking earthquakes with a friend in Seattle last night, probably about the time this happened…in fact it was exactly the time it happened. Her phone cut out and when she called back, I jokingly said you had an earthquake there and it cut communications. Odd now that it was the same time as the Chile quake, or about the same time as it took for the shock waves (which we couldn’t feel) to hit Seattle and my part of the Pac NW…or maybe not so odd.

  3. Stranger says:

    It looks like eight plus magnitude earthquakes will become commonplace.
    It may be time to start living in tents outdoors.
    Are you safe my little cabbage?

  4. The thing about this earthquake that was different this time was the fact that they go tsunami warning out very quickly. I feel for Chile and the earthquake. It was a big one. I send my love and hope to all that did not make it through this disaster.


  5. Little Morning Star says:

    For those who consider themselves empaths, do you believe that as we get closer to Ascension time that our bodies will undergo changes, some of which may be unpleasant as we approach that time? Aches and pains, countless other symptoms. Is this a reality, and if so, how can it be?

    • Tuftskins says:

      Interesting. I had an irregular heartbeat a couple weeks ago, and am still awaiting the final results of tests. Yesterday, my lower leg hurt so badly, I couldn’t put much weight on it. This started about the time I was reading tweets on the earthquake in Spain, which fortunately was deep enough not to cause serious damage. Interestingly, Granada, near the epicenter is a cultural treasure which I’ve always wanted to visit.

      • Little Morning Star says:

        This is unbelievable. About two weeks ago my left heel started to develop very bad pain, which I still have and is now spreading to the back of my left foot. Since then, I have developed a heart palpitation, that is the only way I can describe it. It feels like an occasional big heartbeat, that then causes a pulsing in my upper abdomen. I have an appointment for an echocardiogram, also to see a urologist for another issue. It is hard to say why.
        What I found odd was, that there has not been one single aftershock from that earthquake in Spain. I too am grateful that it did not cause great harm. However, I felt very overwhelmed by the crash of the plane in Russia with the Polish President and all on board. I spent all day following it online, watching video, needing to know who was killed, and feeling like something is not quite true about the message given not to land. Will we ever truly know? Such grief and strength from the people of Poland at the same time. It is overwhelming.

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