Feel like screaming

I cannot

I am trapped within myself

Nature around me dying,

MY nature dying…

Wilted flowers

The pain from an empty room

The wretched thoughts of

An instinct unrealized…

No God watched over me

No angel came upon me


A black mark upon my soul

As you suffer

So do I…

Meaningless in the scheme of things

Desire a mere thought

Emotion, feelings mocked

Broken, but not quite gone…

Remember, remember

It will save the day

It will grow again!


February 18, 2010

2 thoughts on “Upheaval

  1. rulebrittania says:

    Keep Strong.

  2. Stranger says:

    You could get a punching bag and some gloves
    and let out your anger and rage at the bag.
    (You could draw the face of the person you
    would like to punch out).

    Or get a baseball bat instead of gloves (or both).

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