Can one really comprehend the anger that we so rightfully have?

Why is it, when one exhibits anger, it is unhealthy? It is called negative thinking, it is not allowed to grow or be sustained…one is subjected to a myriad of judgments based on the exhibition of said anger…

I am curious, though. What is worse, instantaneously showing such anger while you are feeling it, or burying it only to allow it to eat at your very soul? Wouldn’t it be safer to find an outlet, such as writing or the like, than to allow it to fester and go totally nuts?

I think there is something wrong with a society that suppresses emotions. I think, unless we start acting on our instincts in a safe manner, events will keep boiling and seething until the point of no return.

Get angry. Yell out the window, tell us how you feel, do not hold back! I have seen so many people being eaten alive by not being allowed to feel, by not being allowed to show. Show love. Show anger. Show pain and sadness! It means you are REAL. So much in this world is painfully unreal, all for appearances. Take back what you are.

You are appreciated, regardless.


February 18, 2010

One thought on “Anger

  1. Dixon Cox says:

    By now the news of the Texas man who set his house on fire and crashed his plane into an IRS, CIA, FBI occupied building should have reached you all and like me your minds must be racing.

    These are tough times right now and while we hear daily how bad off the average citizens of the US are the less covered fact is the government is even worse off. The income tax paying citizens who normally support the welfare programs are now out of work and sales taxes are down due to a decline consumerism. Property taxes can’t be collected because people are walking away from their home loans or are being foreclosed upon. Earlier last year the police forces across the country were turned into unofficial tax collectors and instructed to issue more moving and parking violations to make up for the revenue shortfalls.

    What this all means is they are coming after you! No matter what you hear the politicians say about making the rich pay it is the rest of us that wind up footing the bills. The wealthy have the good lawyers and congress approved tax shelters and the rest of us have squat! Like a pack of wild dogs the Federal and State governments will attack the weakest among the population and that would be us, or so it would seem.

    You would think that they would have learned something from the slew of school shootings and two wars. When someone has made up their mind they have nothing left to lose they are just unstoppable. While I do not condone the actions, I do understand them. Just remember that you can’t fight the system when you’re dead. I do applaud his scored earth policy!

    The pilot in his final note seemed to put some blame on Corporate Executives and this is where he was wrong. I can’t think of any CEO with the power to reach into our wallets and take our money. They must convince us to willfully give it to them in exchange for goods and services. The government though does have the power to take our money and they did. It was them, the politicians that gave the CEO’s our hard earned cash. The politicians want you to believe it was CEO’s that took your money and they are fighting to get it back. It was them that gave it away in the first place. Don’t fall for the lie.

    What we are most likely to hear about this pilot as the story unfolds is he was a mad man or a lunatic, I will not believe it. If an in depth investigations uncovers any mistakes on behalf of the IRS, we will never hear about it. If anyone has ever had a tax problem with the IRS you know that they assume you are the one at fault and it is up to you to prove otherwise. Meanwhile they with hold refunds, seize your assets or freeze your bank accounts. The big joke is they turn around and give it away to the non producing leeches in our society that don’t pay any taxes or contribute in any way. I say this pilot was no lunatic but someone driven to a final act of defiance by the play ground bullies. I shed no tears for the IRS workers in that building and I will be indifferent to their injuries. You can only push people so far.

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