For Sunday…

What can I say, I feel a bit on the off side today. Something doesnt feel right…feels way off. Energy is strange. Possibly due to New Moon, not sure. Feeling it, though.

I think the monsters are trying their best today to invoke their powers. Guess I have to do the same to counteract it.



2 thoughts on “For Sunday…

  1. CoraxSays says:

    I Have Learned in Life. That When Ever You Move Toward the Light…That Is When Darkness Pursues You the Most…

  2. Syd says:

    I agree with CoraxSays. Also, I was always taught to believe the New Moon always brings with it a host of conflicting energies as she moves from waning to waxing. Best to meditate and visualize yourself encompassed in a warm blanket of bright white light. It has always helped me find peace during such times.

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