Booze for Your Boobs Kicks Off in Singapore


Boobs, hooters, melons, and tatas—they all refer to those luscious pair of lumpy cushions jutting out every woman’s shirt. I say luscious because every man (or at least every straight one) craves nothing more than to lay his eyes on a big pair of boobs.

It is in fact this very dream that inspired the OverEasy nightclub in Singapore to organize an event officially titled “Fill My Cups,” but better known as “Booze for Your Boobs.”

The ingenious ploy—clearly contrived by one of their very sex-deprived managers—basically states that women with big boobs get freeze booze.

The way it works is like this:

Girls with A-Cup boobs get one free drink.

Girls with B-Cup boobs get two free drinks.

Girls with C-Cup boobs get three free drinks.

And girls with big old D-Cup torpedo boobs or larger get an entire bottle of dranky drank worth $168!

To keep things fair, there will be both a male judge and a female judge.

Representing the Ladies is Karen, a lawyer who works for The Lo & Behold Group, which manages the OverEasy nightclub. On the men’s side is DJ D-CUP, whose name was, in fact, the original inspiration for the whole event.

The scheme has thus far drawn rave reviews from the men, but mixed reactions from the Ladies.

Some women, such as 19-year-old Yvonne, believe that the event is degrading: “I think the concept is funny but I would not degrade myself by being a part of it.”

Local student Lek Ning, however, sees the brilliance of such an endeavor because, as she so eloquently stated, “I’m rather proud of my assets.”

Cheryl Ho, spokeswoman for The Lo & Behold Group, defends the event, stating, “Our stance is that it’s all good fun, not sexist, not sleazy. No girls are going to get touched and we are not asking them to flash themselves.”

It works for Marty Gras and ‘Girls Gone Wild,’ so why can’t it work for a Singapore nightclub? Thumbs up or Thumbs Down? Tell us what you think.


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