Another scary dream…Dec 29, 2009

*I woke up crying. This one really did mess me up.*

I was in a really old house. It was in Sweden. I was forced to be with Satan. He was wanting me to do terrible things, like hurt other people and have sex with him. I kept holding back on the sex, because I was afraid of what I would become. He kept telling me that I would see the “light” if I had sex with him, that I would know everything, but I was afraid. I had seen one of the rooms, and it was pure evil, like a torture room or something. One of his minions was following me around constantly. There was going to be some sort of battle. He wanted to attack God and two angels. He made me come with, it was on a strange street. God was on a bicycle with the angels. Suddenly, somehow, Satan shot him and the light left God and the angels. I was crying my eyes out because I thought that God was my only hope, to help me. I knew then that everything was over. Satan told me I needed to watch for three earthquakes, I was looking at a map. The three earthquakes were to happen, they would be small, but it would show he was coming. Two of the earthquakes would be in the Arctic or near Scandinavia, one would be in Russia. They were not going to be huge, but they would be a sign.


2 thoughts on “Another scary dream…Dec 29, 2009

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  2. View Voyeur says:

    Well,Jesus was crucified and died on the cross
    (hen he arose again) so God certainly can return
    to a mortal coil after it has been shot out from
    under him.

    Remember,Satan is suppose to be a deceiver.
    The entity was not God,but one of Satan demons
    impersonating God.It then pretended to be
    killed by Satan to make you lose faith in God.

    Now is there someone trying to intimidate you
    into having sex with him?

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