Yet another goofy dream

Lately, I have been dreaming of a location I am not familiar with. I am in a lush, green environment, surrounded by hills. Last night, I was in this location. I was looking up at the sky. There was something, like a ship or a satellite, that was quite low in the atmosphere. It was red, and quite striking. It was so low that myself and my mother were terrified.

I wish I had a clue where this place is, and why I keep dreaming of it…

3 thoughts on “Yet another goofy dream

  1. View Voyeur says:

    That dream was not so bad,in fact,I think
    it was a good dream.

    It is a dream where you and your mom have
    been relocated to a safe place to survive what
    may be coming.

    That ship was your transport to a high place
    surrounded by sheltering mountains.
    I saw a long inactive mountain crater/volcano
    where lush vegetation grows with plenty to
    drink and eat.It is a miniature Eden.

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