2010 Predictions

Massive flooding throughout North America and Europe, due to the winter’s above-normal precipitation. The UK is going to have horribly strange weather patterns, as are areas such as Oklahoma, Missouri and North Carolina.

A series of SMALL earthquakes will rattle the Midwest area, with people becoming nervous about it. I dont think it is the big one, but it will cause nervous feelings.

Hurricane will hit Eastern Canada in the summer.

I do not anticipate disclosure in 2010. What I do expect is that people in the “know” regarding aliens and UFOs will have their beliefs solidified.

Another spiral-type light in the sky, in the Northern US.

Anger is starting to reach the boiling point. We are getting to the point of no return. The populace will demand their voices be heard, even via violence.

That is all I have…for now.

15 thoughts on “2010 Predictions

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  2. Andre says:

    Hi Heidi!

    How are you?

    Interesting predictions. How did you arrive at them? What method(s) are you using? Do envision a assassination attempt on President Obama? Any insights into the arrival of a Messianic Entity? What about the weather for tropical climates like my homeland, Jamaica.

    Peace and one love.

    Be blessed and remain eternally beautiful!

  3. contoveros says:


    That was the name of the woman that no one listened to in ancient Greek history. I wonder if any city’s fell because they took no heed of her words? Couldn’t have been a place called “Troy” by any chance?

    I know it must be tough for you. Hang in there.

    michael j

    Conshohocken, PA USA

  4. View Voyeur says:

    More about 2010

  5. Alternate Views says:

    An early celebrator no doubt…

  6. View Voyeur says:

    Happy New Year folks!


  7. View Voyeur says:

    A craft like this may come in handy.
    You can watch it on camera (and control the camera)!


  8. Stranger In The Night says:

  9. Alternate Views says:

  10. Stranger In he Night says:

    Luck is giving him a hint,you think?

  11. Alternate Views says:

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