December 16th Dream

*It was terrible. I woke up in distress.*

I was getting constant phone calls from the area code 216. People there were in danger, and said they needed my help, but the phone calls kept cutting out. One of the callers claimed to be Tiger Woods. Something bad was happening there, but I could not identify what. There were depressed birds all over the place, they were upset about something, and were committing suicide en masse. They would look at me, give out a cry, then kill themselves by flying into the ground or the river. People were living all over the place, the government had them living in makeshift trailers, like in Katrina.


One thought on “December 16th Dream

  1. View Voyeur says:

    Probably you were in a future scenario where riots have broken out
    and martial law declared in Ohio.

    Tiger Woods probably had fled to Ohio to escape his angry wife,and got trapped there during the riots (with one of his girlfriends).

    The bird flu probably has returned and is killing a lot of birds (and people too).

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