This is why I shouldnt drink.

All I had was two small glasses of Irish cream.

Some lady named Salomey was sending pictures of four naked women and I had to determine which one had real boobs.

An alien with a really big eye was being very nice to me, and he has a son who is 6 that already has 2 years of wrestling experience.

Iron Maiden albums.

A really nice person with the moniker of LeopardSands that is posting weird videos of cake.

Fat albino hedgehogs put on diets.

A rather odd mishmosh of Habs hockey and demonology.

Twins making videos concerning unabomber husbands and wrapping gifts in the nude.

Wiggy and his quotations.

French tweets with no sense whatsoever.

Salomey wanting to foster cats, but her cat is older so she cannot.

Santa being a commie.

CoolChick introducing me to this really cool song that I cannot stop playing.

Some dude broke his hard drive and has to pay 97 bucks for a cable.

Maybe in the morning this will make sense…

Maybe I should stay away from the internet.


6 thoughts on “This is why I shouldnt drink.

  1. salomey5 says:

    Maybe, you should have stopped drinking after one “small” glass of Irish Cream… 😉

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  3. IQXS says:

    Makes PERFECT sense to us…. 🙂
    It’s called “Life…”
    Can ya imagine God’s TweetDeck… ;}

    Hey Viking…hear the song?

    “Imagine all the people living for today…”

    You have so much to offer…
    Wishing you the best….always.
    From here to eternity.

    “The Love you withhold is the pain you carry………….”

  4. Leopardsands says:

    The rainbow cake apologizes for drunkening you up.

  5. View Voyeur says:


    All I had was two small glasses of Irish cream.
    How small were they?
    Maybe you should try the whiskey next time. 😉

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