12 Days of Yule

The Twelve Days of Yule
December 20th – December 31st

1st day of Yule – Mother’s Night
Mother’s Night welcomes in the Season of Yule. As we encourage the return of Sunna (the feminine aspect of the Sun) we honor the feminine all around us. Honor the Idises, Asynjor, all Mothers, Great Grandmothers and your feminine ancestors. Raise a horn to the glorious women who give birth to us and to the feminine spirits that support us. Give this time in honor to all Mothering aspects.

2nd Day of Yule – The Winter Solstice
The Winter Solstice represents the shortest day and the longest night. From this day onward Sunna gains strength and eventually breaks winter’s spell. Celebrate Sunna’s return and the fertility she brings!

3rd Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Courage
Courage is definitely an attitude of boldness, however, not the absence of fear. Courage is the carrying in spite of your fear. It is courage that allows us to live life in such a manner that we can be proud.

4th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Truth
Truth is as relative as the individual. What one person or group finds to be the Truth, another finds to be ridiculous. There is no universal truth. There is no one-way or right way of seeing things. What we accept as truth is merely that; our truth. No one person or group has the right to dictate their truth on anyone. Search for your own truth.

5th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Honor
Honor is the ability to hold your head high in all situations. We set standards for ourselves and live according to those standards. We are not encouraged to set low standards, rather, set high standards and work toward them continually, even behind closed doors.

6th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Fidelity
We must remain loyal to who and what we are. Those around us need to have the ability to take us at our word, and our word needs to be our bond. Our handshake needs to seal the deal. The devotion to our deeds has to be of the uttermost importance.

7th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Hospitality
Welcome those into your house and your life as you can. In today’s world, we cannot trust everyone with whom we come in contact, but we can exercise caution and be as welcoming as possible. Similarly, be a proper and respectful guest when you are welcomed.

8th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Discipline
Our Way is not an easy way. In many aspects, we fly in the face of the society around us. Stay Tru to the ideals of Heathenry as they unfold in your life. Be diligent in the study of your beliefs. Stay Tru to the gods and goddesses of the Northern Germanic peoples.

9th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Industriousness
Life requires that we work hard. Never sit back and take the easy way out in regards to your ability to create a lifestyle for yourself. No matter the lifestyle you choose, know that your elevation in life, or lack of it, may (but not always) be the direct result of your depth of diligence. Do the best you can, and know that your efforts have been suitably rewarded.

10th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Self-Reliance
Do not create codependent relationships in any way. Do not let your happiness, or your success, be determined by anyone else. Be responsible for yourself. Rely on your own efforts to secure your needs.

11th Day of Yule – Remembering the Noble Virtue of Perseverance
If you give up, you die. It really is simple, isn’t it? No matter what you are doing, see it to its conclusion. Even if you try and fail, realize that the only real failure is not trying. Failure is evidence that someone has tried. Success is failure defeated.

12th night
Thus ends the season of Yule as we prepare for the upcoming year. It’s a time to remember from whence you came as well as a time to make plans for the near future. Take oaths, make promises, hold inventory so you know your present position in relation to where you want to be. Remember, “Luck often enough will save a man (or woman) if his (or her) courage holds” (The 13th Warrior).

Created by Vaygar Yngvi Elmersson


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