Things I remember…

I would like to write them down BEFORE I forget! Hey, never know, somebody else might remember these places, also. Stuff from the Quad, from when I was a kid. Besides, I am getting old now. I have to document stuff.

I remember Skateland in East Moline. I must have been there every weekend. I spent way too much time there. Loved the New Years Skate, when you could stay there until the wee hours of the morning. Hell yeah. Had my speed skates, loved it! Closed down now.

Skate Ranch in Milan. I didn’t spend as much time there, but I liked it. Closed down now. Had this really groovy dance floor in the middle of the skating rink. Also had volleyball outside and a mini movie theater. Milan used to have a lot of entertainment options…from what I understand, it is pretty much dead now.

Hmmm, speaking of Milan, it used to have the kickass Showcase Cinemas and Razz-Ma-Tazz. Razz-Ma-Tazz was this pizza place, kinda like Chuck-E-Cheese but a lot bigger. Milan was the fast food mecca, also…Rudy’s Tacos, Happy Joe’s, etc. There was this great pizza place called the Pizza Joynt that was outside of Milan proper, on the way to Andalusia, I believe. I spent a lot of time in Showcase Cinemas.

Theaters-Parkway Theater in Moline, near Southpark Mall. Closed down. Sierra Theater, on 23rd Avenue. Closed. I don’t think they call it 23rd Avenue anymore…

There was this weird restaurant I remember going to when I was a child. Called Drawbridge Restaurant, or something like that. It looked like a castle. I don’t think it lasted very long…it was cool.

Showbiz Pizza, Davenport! Had two birthday parties there. Turned into Chuck-E-Cheese. Bummer.

Duck Creek Plaza in Bettendorf! That place was usually dead, but it is gone, anyway.

Used to like the Book Emporium in East Moline. Bought many, many books there. Gone.

Remember those fountains in Southpark Mall in Moline?

Wacky Waters…Davenport. Gone.

That is life, I suppose…I wish I had pictures of these places that I remember once in awhile. Would be great.

A lot of great stuff is gone, which is rather disappointing, but there is still Harris Pizza and Frank’s Pizza. I hope. Doesn’t do me a lot of good here in rural Canada, but miss it all the same.



5 thoughts on “Things I remember…

  1. View Voyeur says:

    Skateland in East Moline
    Is this the place?

  2. view voyeur says:

    No problem,I tried.

  3. view voyeur says:

    Here is a cute advertisement with roller skates:

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