Happy Thanksgiving

If you are in the USA and celebrating with family and or friends, feel thankful…you are most lucky. I really miss the States around this time of year. It is very difficult for me, especially lately, given the fact I keep thinking about the past. Trying to move into the future, but feeling pangs of loneliness. My family has pretty much abandoned me, so that is not an option. I see my old friends going through so many problems; sadness, depression, lack of money.

I suppose whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

I wish you safe journeys, love and hope. May you be blessed.


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by heidilore, Yoko McGreggor. Yoko McGreggor said: @heidilore http://bit.ly/5xP6mu (╹◡╹=)v Hi Heidi, Happy Thxgvng! I'm going into the !@#$%^&*-mode for Thxgv-prep. Luv ur cool blog, Bye! […]

  2. View Voyeur says:

    Thanks,and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
    I will be spending mine alone,but given the
    pandemic situation,that may be a blessing.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Heidi!!

    I feel you, I have a few friends here that are missing relatives this time of year that have moved on to the next life.

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