Polish PM: Poland not buying swine flu vaccination unless it has been properly tested

WARSAW, Poland – Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Friday that his government won’t buy vaccines for swine flu that have not been properly tested or from producers who won’t take responsibility for possible side effects.

Tusk told reporters that vaccine producers were pressuring governments to buy, but were also demanding that all responsibility and compensation for possible negative side effects fall upon government shoulders.

“Today we are dealing with great pressure from pharmaceutical firms … we are dealing with expectations that hundreds of millions of zlotys (dollars) will be spent on vaccine while no one wants to guarantee that it has no side effects,” he said.

He stressed that the few dozen swine cases in Poland have been mild and no deaths have been reported.

Some independent health experts have been advising vaccination after a recent surge in flu cases in neighbouring Ukraine saw more than 700,000 cases and 109 deaths of people with flu-like illness in recent weeks.

Fourteen of the fatalities were swine flu cases, Polish news agency PAP reported, citing Ukraine’s chief doctor Oleksandr Bilovol.

Polish health officials said a military medical laboratory in Pulawy was testing samples taken in Ukraine from sick people. Poland is also sending face masks to Ukraine.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization said that the swine flu virus has become the predominant flu strain worldwide.

In some countries, swine flu accounts for up to 70 per cent of the flu viruses being sampled, according to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, WHO’s top flu official.

While most people recover from the illness without needing medical treatment, officials are also continuing to see severe cases in people under 65 – people who are not usually at risk during regular flu seasons.



One thought on “Polish PM: Poland not buying swine flu vaccination unless it has been properly tested

  1. Pneumonic Plague D.B.A. "swine flu" says:

    the “mysterious plague-like flu” recently erupting in Ukraine is NWO’s “opening of the 4th Seal of Revelations” according to some of the “spiritual” New Agers.

    Here is tape about the Mossad microbiologist Joseph Moshe who warned on a radio call-in show in mid August that the world-wide pandemic to kill off a big chunk of mankind would be started in late October in Ukraine. He said it was a bioweapon based on the Black Death Plague but more lethal and efficient. This expert was then framed, arrested by a mini-military, and has since disappeared.

    The said viral pneumonic plague leaves the patient with lungs that are literally melted at 130 degrees F. It is worth listening to this doctor from Aug, 2009.

    A blog hosted by the Right Honorable The Earl of Stirling, hereditary Governor & Lord Lieutenant of Canada, Lord High Admiral of Nova Scotia. Covers diverse topics including European and North American politics and economics, strategy, war, religion, high technology, End Times, medicine, Scotland, Scottish clans, Scots Peerage Law, and more.

    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    The American mainstream news media and to a lessor extent the mainstream news media of many nations are censoring the Ukrainian Plague story – WHY? Update: Today’s total of very ill people in the Ukraine is officially at 633,877.
    This disease was unknown six days ago! Three days ago the number of cases was approximately 255,000, yesterday it was a little over 470,000. Official death figures are just under 100, but multiple sources say the real death figures are now over 3,000. The internal temperature of the patients who die reaches 130F to 135F, the lungs are full of blood and have turned to mush, and are black.
    —more to verify the pharma corp who has deliberately distributed the disease. Baxter is subcontracted by the UN World Health Org to vaccinate the world!!

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