Health Minister: Bulgaria faces nationwide pandemic emergency in days

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The swine flu epidemic is expected to be declared a national one as early as next week, medical authorities told the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) on the afternoon of November 4 2009.

Already, 48 schools in the capital have closed because of influenza and more people are getting ill by the hour. Experts remind everyone that they should remain calm, as in most cases the flu passes by mildly but that they should, under no circumstances, “attempt personal treatment”.

Upon feeling the symptoms – coughing, high fever, running nose, vomiting and/or diarrhea – they should immediately consult a professional. Most of those symptoms are intertwined with other diseases but with H1N1 they usually appear suddenly, and all at once, experts say.

Bulgaria’s health minister Bozhidar Nanev, told the media that “we will discuss on November 5 if we should declare a state of pandemic emergency in the capital”.

“It is likely that a nationwide pandemic will be declared on November 9,” he told the BNT. Across the country, infection levels are expected to surpass 200 for 10 000 people, as early as the end of the week.

Meanwhile the strain claimed the fifth death in Bulgaria on November 4. A young male died early in the morning in a Petrich hospital after suffering “severe respiratory complications”. Another person in the same hospital is diagnosed with the strain but he is said to be stable.

Those most vulnerable to the influenza are pregnant women, children and, in particular, young people. The elderly on average are less likely to contract the disease; however if they do contract it, their situation might be significantly complicated due to other ailments.


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