Is this hell, or what?

I question things often. I question reality, I question time, I question physics, I question our media. One thing I have been questioning a lot lately has been whether or not earth could be hell.

Try to take Bible-thumping out of it. You know I do not play that game…

Maybe not hell, per se, but a sort of purgatory…a waiting place where we gain experience prior to learning true serenity and love. The experiences we are learning do not seem to be offering true lessons. On a mass scale, and on personal scales, we seem to be repeating the same cycles over and over again. The good, the true, the noble, the honorable…those things do not seem to be important. A great evil has infecting this pale blue dot, an evil that has permeated our very souls. We are paying the price, in what way, I am unsure.

So, are we living in a hell? A purgatory? A place to learn our lesson? The veil has been lifting for some time now, to what goal? As I said, I am full of questions that I do not know the answers to. I do know that things and situations have drastically changed.

I know that this earth is beauty, so before you condemn me for not seeing the beauty in this world, take that thought out of your mind. That is not the case. I see that beauty, the light in an animal’s eyes, the beauty of a forest in a winter landscape with the wind ripping through my soul. I feel that and I experience that. The problem is…many do not see that. That is the issue here. Evil wishes to destroy that beauty for gain.

Perhaps, at the next stop in our galaxy, we will fully know and appreciate. Until then, we must mire through our own purgatory.


2 thoughts on “Is this hell, or what?

  1. View Voyeur says:

    Hell is a place you wish to leave,but cannot.

  2. James says:

    I came to this conclusion about 5 or 6 years ago.

    I also think that we return as many times as necessary, learning lessons each time, until we achieve the “spiritual frequency” {as it were} to break free and rejoin the Universal Divinity outside the electro-gravitational prison that is the Earth

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