Deep solar minimum and the fall of Civilizations

*Found this on Lunatic Outpost, via tethys. Very interesting theory, thanks for bringing it to my attention!*

We are presently in a historic deep solar minimum and this has implications for humankind as these periods in the history of the earth correspond to the fall of civilizations and population reduction.

Pesnell believes sunspot counts will pick up again soon, “possibly by the end of the year,” to be followed by a solar maximum of below-average intensity in 2012 or 2013.

But like other forecasters, he knows he could be wrong. Bull or bear? Stay tuned for updates.

In conclusion, the Dark Ages Cold Period has been observed in paleoclimatic data from all parts of Europe, often in long temperature histories that reveal the existence of similar multi-century cold intervals sandwiched between equally significant periods of warmth. In Europe, as in Asia, there is also evidence that the Dark Ages Cold Period was not a particularly good time for human societies residing in the northern parts of the continent.

The populations residing in the lower latitudes are also impacted as these periods coincide with increased earthquakes.

Via this thread…


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