I wake up from my usual array of nightmares (last night it was the South American coast destruction) to the realization of real nightmares. I mean, come on, THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? Is this a joke of some sort? No, I am not some stark raving mad neocon, I am a person who realizes there are people in this world that have worked very hard for peace. They are the ones that get shafted, as usual. This is the way of the world, of course…

Then, there is that joke of a NASA press conference…there are no real words for that one.

Cannot forget that terrorists are working at CERN.


I am going back to sleep.



  1. The Nobel Peace Prize hasn’t been about “peace” for some time. It’s about advancing an agenda. Hence people like Arafat and Gore win. This isn’t surprising one bit.

    Hope you slept better after hearing it though. 😉


  2. I know, what a bunch of BS! And NASA doesn’t provide any photographs, just a bunch of nonsense. Go figure.

    Chemtrails through the night obscured the morning here, just in time to prevent any “moon spying” or maybe it was something else, who knows for sure.

    Be well Heidi!

  3. Dixon Cox says:

    President Obama is nothing more than an empty suit, a ventriloquist dummy, or talking head, whatever you want to call him. Pair him up with a good speech writer to tell you what you want to hear , even if it is wrong (automobiles were NOT invented by Americans) and poof, instant President. He was put in power by appealing to pop culture, PC morons who are now desperately trying to justify their votes. This Nobel peace prize is just a vain attempt to boost his rapidly falling popularity with the glitterati and people who follow them. I seem to recall a Flintstones episode when I was younger that followed the same script. Fred’s rock band was a hit until Wilma started the rumor that Fred was a “Square”, after that he was sunk! This seems to be happening to Mr. Obama and probably faster than the people who put him in power would like. If you thought he would end the US involvement in the Middle East and South East Asia you were wrong. He had a never ending supply of criticism but as we now see, no solution. If you thought he cared about the environment you were wrong. His administration allowed the sales of Navy ships to be scraped on the beaches of India and Nepal. (Lead paint, asbestos and all) If you thought he was for jobs, you were wrong. Just take a look around the US. Those ships could have been scrapped in Texas or Washington State under OUR environmental laws which I assure you are a bit better than India’s. This was the man who would deliver the health care industry to the Government and all the control that goes with it. The MTV crowd thought they were part of some great revolution and maybe they were right. Revolutions rarely bring about change just a different name to the status quo and who your taxes go to. So there is your revolution! The peace prize should really go to everyone out there whose ambition in life is to just be left alone and have no ambitions to control the lives of others.

    Sweet Dreams Heidi!

  4. View Voyeur says:

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