The coming war…

There is going to be a war. You are going to have to decide which side you are on…make damn sure you are on the right side.

Then again, I am just some conspiracy quack, so you might be wise to ignore me.

Wish I could be like most of you…I really do…


One thought on “The coming war…

  1. Devin says:

    It will be interesting indeed to see what happens in the coming years with war Heidi. I am wondering if there will be a war on the earth plane here and a spiritual war. I do not think the current poltico-economic situation can stand for much longer on earth -I have been surprised before and try not to predict anymore -but I do know that eventually people are gong to have to choose between living in a phony matrix/simulacra of a world or living in a real world-best to you as always my friend!!

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