Urgent Web Bot Update Ref: 10/25

The following in from Clif at www.halfpasthuman.com on Saturday – changes somewhat our expectation for the way things will be working out both in markets and in the defense world over the next month:

“Heads up! Reality Change Ahead!

in running our MOM (model of modelspace) cleanup of the lexicon prior to tuning, it became apparent that October 25 turn in emotions globally will be dominated by a [lock down/implosion] of the [planetary financial/banking system]. The data suggests that such things a [currency trading] and [commodities trading] as well as many other [digital trading forms] will be [suspended]. Some will never resume, or if they do, they will be in entirely different forms. There may be a [banking lock up] in many countries emanating from the USofA outward. There may be [inter bank lock downs] in which [central banks] and [wealth storage clearing houses] will not be able to function. There are data sets suggesting that the rapid shift into building tension language on the 25th originates from and is propelled by the [financial system implosion] that then morphs over into [dollar rejected by all] a mere 10/ten days (more or less) later. There may be shut downs of all kinds of banking activity within the USofA and the rest of the anglosphere.

The [sudden/urgent travel] of the [administration (obama et al) minions] in early November, under this MOM background load shows up as being about [desperately trying] to get the rest of the [planet] to [loan] the actual [resources/wealth] to [restart] the [USofA banking system].

This MOM data set can be wrong in a way that the larger modelspace can not. The MOM set is so small that if it is wrong it is usually widely so. However, the data sets here are so focused, and bring in such crisp emotional shifts relative to the same days (10-25-2009), that it made sense to prepare this note.

If correct, this is the beginning of “The Big One” relative to the dollar and the central banking system. Everything else in the modern world depends on this structure…so it will be a big one throughout all of the social infrastructure.

If MOM is correct, then the [dollar death] will be way more dramatic and waaaay shorter than i had first thought. MOM is showing very dramatic language shifts (albeit against a much smaller background) for not only October 25, but also in a very sharp crocodile tooth pattern from November 4 through December 10th indicating a very very emotionally choppy time.

So, heads up! Reality shift (time/event bump) just ahead. If MOM is correct, there will be some additional levels of [visibility] on October 10th through the 15th that will put a focus on the ‘trigger’ that will show on October 25th and beyond.

Masa Katsu! Pie up now, panic later.

clif and cathy and igor.

The usual caveats here – doesn’t mean, for example that war between Iran and Israel won’t happen, it just means if it does (which is may anyway) it will be so far down the food chain as to pale in terms of personal impact.

If you didn’t have anything else to do this weekend, you might be pondering: “How could I survive – and for how long – if there were market suspensions, hold-ups of executions of electronic transactions and all the other things other countries have gone through when faced with calamitous financial events?  Refer to any Argentinean or Icelander who’s been there…  Sure means out earlier piece this morning may be closer to the mark than comfortable….


3 thoughts on “Urgent Web Bot Update Ref: 10/25

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  3. acrylicist says:

    The Half-Past Human stuff scares the crap out of me. I’m not a doom-gloomer so much but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be unprepared.

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