Second girl from Natalie school in 999 drama after cervical jab

Another schoolgirl at Blue Coat Church of England School needed an ambulance after having the cervical cancer jab, it emerged last night.

The 15-year-old pupil became cold, weak and dizzy less than an hour after the vaccine and only a short time after schoolmate Natalie Morton became fatally ill.

Her symptoms were so severe that paramedics did emergency blood tests and an ECG scan in a back room at the school, the girl’s mother said.

Her twin sister also had the vaccine on Monday but suffered only a sore arm and tiredness. Neither have any allergies.

Last night the mother criticised Blue Coat School for failing to contact her and check on her daughter’s condition.

NHS Direct advised that she monitor her daughter and wake her during the night to check her responsiveness.

Natalie MortonTragic: Natalie Morton

The mother, who has five children including twins, told the Daily Mail: ‘She was and still is really quite ill. I don’t know what caused it but she went to school perfectly healthy and became sick soon after the vaccine.

‘Now she’s completely out of sorts.

Paramedics said she might have been low on blood sugar because she hadn’t eaten lunch. But that’s not true  –  she did have lunch on Monday.

‘It’s a very anxious time. My daughter knew Natalie from seeing her around school and she’s petrified that whatever killed Natalie might have got to her too.

‘I’m angry that the school sought emergency medical help but haven’t followed it up at all. What happened is tragic for Natalie but where is the help in place for the girls who suffered side effects?

‘The school could face further tragedy unless they look after the victims of what seem to be horrendous symptoms from this cervical cancer vaccine.’


One thought on “Second girl from Natalie school in 999 drama after cervical jab

  1. Big Bear says:

    I remember the fluoride cups in grade school. “Take a swish” they would say, and line us all up. I sneaked away and hid one year, and the next year, we had to get permission from our parents and dad refused, since we practiced good dental health at home (dad was an MD with a year of Dental School). It’s probably my earliest memory of distrust of authority figures.

    As to the cervical cancer vaccine. It is likely unnecessary and definitely dangerous, especially to girls so young.

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