11:11, do you see this often?

Wake up call to the spiritually inclined? Synchronicity? Unlocking the realms within us?

Certain numbers come up with alarming frequency for myself. This is one of them. Also observing the all-powerful 7…

Check out this link:



2 thoughts on “11:11, do you see this often?

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Yuppers, I saw 11:11 on the clock after 9/11 and it took Me a little bit to catch on, but Crystalinks is a nice source!

    Good find!

  2. courtney says:

    hi (: im 15 and my names courtney im an 11 master number and im hyper sensitive have been my whole life basicly if i walked into a dark room of strangers and walked past each one i can tell greif and despair apart and love between two people mindsets jeleousy anger sadness and pain i dont like to go out often as im constasntly overwelmed with emotions and the auras or vibrations i pick up afect me as if i am that person greif is always the strongest for example on farthers day i was with some friends when i suddenly got this over powering feeling of loss and pain it was farthers day and when i looked at the tv it said dead i burst into tears and keept glancing over at oren for no real reason i later found out from his girlfriend his dad had died a few months ago, these sort of things always happen to me and i belive i have seen ghosts or spirits being an 11 im constantly being told im very unique looking and unlike anyone im porceline with very odd soft fragile feeling skin long light blonde hair small fetures and large highliter blue eyes that change tone with my mood im also an artist and poet ive been told im an angel incarnate but thats not nessarseraly a good thing being hyper sensitive i dont make or keep friends easily with my outlooks and powerful emotions i need alot of time to meditate i also feel very out of place and get depressed very easily ive been told i also have a very powerful meditating aura and constantly find people telling me things they havent told anyone in many ways however i have held a grudge against life as i would love to live life with a group of friends going to partys and not having so much nervous tention or emotional over powerment im also very above my years, when i discovered numerology and auras so on everything seemed to fit into place but i felt more alone than ever finding out i was an 11 was hard also thats when i started noticing 11:11 everywhere its very powerful my tv flickers and turns on and plays backwards even when the tvs off and im asleep i wake up suddenly and tv starts making clicking noises whenever im on the phone at 11:11 my calls get static for an exact minute and go back again it ussually ends in tears and because i have very bad insomnia i tend to dread it when this happens however i dont feel this energy whatever it is, is bad i think its almost like an alarm or comfort my theroy is that when our spirits or energys are down we are given this i also hear voices at 11:11 soft and invisible but one that has been the strongest was “i know its hard, but you have to try, try courtney, please keep trying” it put me into shock it was so clear and i jumped up and looked at the clock exactly 11:11 and started crying its very overwelming for me while 11:11 is the strongest other times espasilly 12:21 and times like it seem to almost tap on my sholder these always happen even when i change the time im also very paranoid of graveyards and have been since i was young whenever im there i hear almost wispers in many different voices and can tell when somewhere is haunted as i get this cold strong feeling but almost sorrowful and interested and im not afraid i almost feel protected or facinated i also have a constant feeling of someone or some things watching over me in a protective way when im asleep and see things move in the corner of my eye when i wake up or fall asleep, ive also had strangers come up to me and tell me i was specail or an angel incarnate or hyper sensitive, any kind of help would be apriciated!

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