I have something to say.

I am sick of isms. TPTB are successfully putting a wedge between all of us. I do not like what America is becoming. It has become painfully worse in the past few months. I have always railed against partisanship, because I knew these days were coming. It is a trap that intelligent, thinking people seem to be falling into.

Suddenly, if someone disagrees with you, you are a racist, nazi, communist, fascist, socialist or pinko. You know, the path to enlightenment is not via pundits, whether it be right wing or left wing. THEY ARE NOT THERE TO SERVE YOUR INTERESTS. THEY ARE THERE TO MAKE MONEY, TO STEAL OUR VERY ESSENCES.

The people at the top are having a great laugh right now. I am not. It is very distressing to watch people who should know better degenerate into sandbox bullies. Come on, people…this is not going to work. In the end, they win, we lose.

3 thoughts on “I have something to say.

  1. It’s happening ‘pandemically’ Heidi, this society fails period.

    I love being labeled at the indoctrination asylum I work at, I get the look and suddenly people stop acknowledging me. Fun stuff. The ship is sinking and I wish I could afford a lifeboat out.

    Be well!

  2. Dixon Cox says:

    Parley Queen of Heidiland

    I see that I am not the only one who has been targeted by the Tyrannical Paedarchy of Tabanid Bahadurs. May I suggest that we pool our resources and fight together these diabolical people who threaten our perspective reigns? My army of cicadas should be ready by 2021! Victory will be ours!

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