Tired of Crying

*This sums up how I feel right now. Sorry for being antisocial…it comes with the territory.*

Poison Girls-Cry No More

I’m tired of crying for the underprivileged
For the blacks, the women, for even black women
For the starving children, for the Irish, I’m tired of crying
For the unemployed, the one eyed Jews, I’m tired of crying
For refugees, for amputees, I’m tired of crying
For the pain of the third world, the poor unfortunates
Of Hiroshima, Bikini, I’m tired of crying
America, America, I’m tired of crying for America.

I’m tired of crying for collecting boxes, for noble causes, for victims, more victims
Victims of violence and protection, victims of privilege, more violence, more victims
For teachers’ lies, for poisoned milk, I’m tired of crying, it changes nothing
For the abuse of sex, the endless rape, the decay, the decaying, I’m tired of crying
For the broken broken broken hopes, the broken hearts and promises
For the broken backs and the broken dreams, I’m tired of crying
It’s a savage world, a savage world, and I just want to cry for me.

Cry No More, Vi Subversa, 1982.


7 thoughts on “Tired of Crying

  1. View Voyeur says:

    Awwww,don’t cry my little one,here is
    a nice song for you. *hug*

  2. anarchore says:

    Hey I remember them! Didn’t know you were an anarcho punkstress as well (as black metalist). Conflict’s the ungovernable force was the ultimate for me. Still fuckin kicks my ass! Might as well be hopeful, keep the spirit of fight and rage alive, while still having a laugh.

    * 0:33 The Ungovernable Farce
    * 2:48 The Ungovernable Force
    (Lyrics below) in memory of the Toxteth riots. The songs are +20 years old. Are they any less relevant today?

    * * * * *

    The Ungovernable Farce

    Still the warning same fucked weary government hell bent on war / Wondering where the reinforcements for the next attack are coming from / Afar they are led like cattle to be scapegoats to the scheme / While the lady laps up double cream, Mr. Newman plans and dreams / First, that means deception lets be clever, “we can fool the poor” / Secondly, attempts are made to cover up mistakes they make / When all else fails the boot boys, jump, get kitted out in blue / The rest is left to the imagination, you get the point, or it will get you.

    Some people said “no more of this”, planned carefully their resistance / Made plans whilst staying underground then up to overthrow the system / Moves worked well and feeling spread that “victories” were made / They raised their mighty fist again, and:

    Clamped down hard on passive resistance / Slammed shut the door to freedom, no entry given / Built bombs, tanks, threw shit at our reality / Destroyed peace, made war, then called it sanity, no….!

    * * * * *

    The Ungovernable Force

    Fuck off you fuck your violent threats your attempts to control the nation / Fuck off you fucked up facist cunt, understand the situation / Back off you slimy worthless prick, you ain’t got a clue what you are facing / Eat bricks you het up bastard shits, scabs; you’ll get what you are creating.

    Who the fuck do you think you’re pushing, “stay in place or get it” / I would think again to save your skin, because if you come too close you’ll fucking regret it / You whine on all the hell you like, repeat your warnings of plastic bullets / The gas, the batons, the water cannon – the more you oppress the more we will resist.

    Riots, there ain’t been a riot, but one’s knocking at your door / You have seen nothing yet but household pets but you’ll soon feel the lion’s claws / Proclaiming law’s last victory, of containing rebel shower / When the time is right you’ll get the fight that will totally test your power.

    Inciting, provoking trouble that you know can easily be beaten / To maintain the image that we need you, to thus re-confirm your position / You might trick some, you scheming scum, but you’ll never get our obedience / You can batter, beat us, even imprison us, yet still you will never ever never defeat us:

    Belfast…Brixton…Toxteth…Tottenham. ..St Paul’s…Handsworth… Reclaim the streets, reclaim the towns, reclaim the nation!

    What revolution? This revolution, we all wanted a peaceful solution / But this institution, that institution, smashed all hope of getting through to them / Confrontations, escalating violations of the law / Repercussions of the mass destruction which in the end is sure
    to mean them…

    …Pumping out the bullets, their protection from the poor / We will win because we have to; we ain’t got nothing to lose no more / And what they lose they undoubtedly will forfeit forever / “They’ve got the guns, but we’ve got the numbers”

  3. Hey, good for you, Heidi! Finally managed to download this wonderful song, and looked around to find the lyrics. Came up with your site.

    Great to find someone else moved by this band.


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