6 thoughts on “Rense down, yet again??

  1. xk1 says:

    no, I too cannot load the site.

    • heidilore says:

      Thanks, xk1. I realize I am crazy but glad to know I am not the only one experiencing difficulties. I would not doubt it, concerning the illuminati. I am getting a bit concerned, there has been a lot of psyop campaigns lately.

  2. xk1 says:

    The illumnati are probably using this period of out blindness to move against us!!!! Come on Jeff! Get that site back up so that we can fight the NWO!

  3. xk1 says:

    Rense is back up. Hooray!!!

  4. View Voyeur says:

    In the mean time the site is down,you can build one of these:


  5. Your site has been a great inspiration and the knowledge gained has gotten me past the obstacle blocking my way.

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