Spread the word: Congress to fine you $3800 unless you buy insurance from private insurers

*I have pretty much had it with politics.*

Need more proof that the health insurance lobby wrote the health carereform proposals with an assist from a compliant Obama White House and a completely corrupt and indifferent Congress?

The voluntary, optional government insurance plan is off the table due to the Obama administration’s craptacular messaging on the issue.

Such a plan would compete with predatory private insurance companies – also known as leeches.

It would keep them from price gouging, harming consumers, and effectively killing Americans with their crminal stewardship of health care.

You will not get that competitive option, however, because Obama is a too cool for school weakling who does not know how to fight and who does not inspire fear in Congressional Democrats, who have entered full meltdown mode.

On the table though, thanks to the fact that Obama has outsourced leadership on health care to over-the-hill Montana Democrat Max Baucus, is a $3,800 per family fine to be levied on families above the poverty line if they do not want to purchase insurance from the private insurance leeches.

For families below the poverty line sans families, the government will mercifully lower the fine – to $1,500. For individuals below the poverty line, that fine is $750.

Yes, thousand dollar health care fines in time of recession, mass unemployment, and wage depression. And for what? The same crappy private health insurance already claiming the lives of Americans on a daily basis.

This final outrage should kill Obamacare.

This should – finally – prove that the Democratic Party leaders have completed their transformation from Truman-style muscle men to wilting tools of the Wall Street-Washington oligarchy and the enemies of working people.

Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee and thus the most important person in Congress when it comes to health care, is working hard on the issue, but like anyone who stays in D.C. too long he cannot help but be corporate hack.

Let’s not mince words: Baucus deserves to be tortured on the breaking wheel for proposing this travesty. This is nothing short of health care terrorism.

Obama, though, is not without blame – for it was his bright idea to farm out health care reform to the corporatists while he went on vacation and held beer summits instead of putting his butt to the grass to make the case for real reform to the American people.

We are not going to get progress on health care reform from the current leaders of the Democratic Party: whether by misguided intentions or rank complicity they are quite simply going to make Americans slaves to private insurance emperors, because they are too wimpy to stand up to the leeches.

Baucus: thank you for trying, but you stink to high heaven as a politician. Retire, and regain what little dignity you still have.

Harry Reid, you are probably a nice guy, but you are as politically worthless as the Republican Party and should go home before embarrassing yourself in next year’s election.

And Obama, poor thing, you stink the most, for letting these fools stink up your Presidency.

You really, really would have done better as Vice-President to Hillary. You could have learned a thing or two about boxing.

A $3,800 fine??? Really, you think the American people will go for this?

Hang it up, fellas. You have ruined health care reform. We tried and we failed miserably. Let’s give it another go in 2032.



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