*In a Sepultura mood today…*

Chaos a.d.
Tanks on the streets
Confronting police
Bleeding the plebs
Raging crowd
Burning cars
Bloodshed starts
Wholl be alive? !

Chaos a.d.
Army in siege
Total alarm
Im sick of this
Inside the state
War is created
No mans land
Whats this shit? !


Chaos a.d.
Disorder unleashed
Starting to burn
Starting to lynch
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy



2 thoughts on “Refuse…Resist

  1. Dixon Cox says:

    So, this is how you think it will happen? So be it. I guess as long as the masses think they can look out the windows of their Mc Mansions and not see storm troopers, tanks, and large flying robots they are still safe, ans my plans will go on unnoticed. When it does happen all you will see is a lone figure walking down the side of the road, listening to Debbie Gibson on an old Sony Walkman. Of course you will think nothing of it and go back to your Football Game, Professional Wrestling, Ultimate Fighting, or whatever gladiatorial idiocy you people distract yourself with these days. I destroyed Rome with more effort. Turn off Sepultura’s Refuse Resist and give Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand a listen. This will be mankind’s downfall! This planet will not even leave a terrified scream echoing through the cosmos. If the world was not so pathetic I might have even felt sorry for it!

    Electric Youth Baby!

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