Weird dreams and contemplation

I do not know. I have not really been watching a lot of news lately, perhaps that is good and there is a lesser chance of being indoctinated. (Heh)

Feeling a bit depressed. For the first time since moving here, it is raining. I like the rain in some ways; however, I am going through an emotional turmoil right now, a bit like a tsunami. Perhaps the rain reflects this position.

I had a dream about Vancouver, that something terrible was going to happen there. There was ash all over the place, covering the city. I do not know what caused this ash-cover, but it was killing people.

I then had a dream about my parents. Wistful in nature, I suppose.

I hope you are all having a positive weekend. I am in some pain today, due to fibromyalgia and such. Tomorrow will be a better day.


One thought on “Weird dreams and contemplation

  1. View Voyeur says:

    I am sorry you are in pain.
    Here is a warm healing hug. *hug*

    Do you have a cat?
    Maybe a nice cat would help you.

    I am sending you warm healing thoughts.

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