Back, yet again

I am now living in my small community. At first, people looked at me like an alien. The second day, things got much better. I am very happy here, the people are friendly, the food is actually GOOD and I have escaped the horrible greater Toronto area.

No airplanes, no noise, no pretentious idiocy…just simplicity. I love it. I can actually see the stars at night.

I do not really have a lot to complain about, to be honest. Meet docile Heidi. Have not been a rural-dweller in many moons, so I am getting used to it. Noisiest thing is the church bells ringing, lol.

If you are languishing in the city, I hope you can escape, if that is your desire. I am telling you, it is well worth the price.

Now that I am actually away from the nightmare, I can look back and laugh about it. I never thought I would see that day. Just a few days and I am releasing the negativity, slowly but surely…


5 thoughts on “Back, yet again

  1. Mike says:

    I TOLD you small-town life was OK, LOL!

  2. angryton says:

    Soo glad to hear it.

    I hope your satisfaction will last… I’ve tried moving to a smaller city before, but eventually I got quite bored.

    Now we are preparing yet another move to a small community, but the situation is very different, both the place we are moving to, and the situation my little family is in, so I believe it will work out better for us this time.

  3. anarchore says:

    The city is really not where it’s at, very unhealthy environment designed by unenlightened minds… of course those are everywhere but if you luck out and your town is hip that is a big plus! I’m the type that needs a quick exit and where I’m at I can just hop on my mountain bike and be at the edge of expansive woods in about 10 minutes. Have you noticed how a lot of new houses are built with a huge house, but almost no yard? The cancer is everywhere.

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