Politics are boring

I am so sick of whiny, sniveling republicans and democrats.

We will NEVER advance if we are degraded to political ideologies.

Yes, keep on arguing which is better…reps or dems. This should be incredibly helpful in the scheme of things.

I tend to not think of life in these schemes. It just does not work for me.

Bush, Obama…same face, different name and label.

Meh. Tired of it.


9 thoughts on “Politics are boring

  1. Left/right, Reps/Dems, liberals/conservatives — two sides to the same coin. If voting made a difference, it wouldn’t be legal. With the demographic changes that are rapidly taking place everywhere in the white world, I don’t expect “third parties” will make enough difference to matter.

    Alex Linder at VNN makes the valid point that WN’s should be attacking conservatives even harder than they do the left, since conservatives are the controlled opposition and most people cannot distinguish them from the real opposition (WN).

  2. anarchore says:

    Igor don’t you think VNN is a Fed operation like Hal Turner?

  3. AFAIC, anything could be a Fed operation. Caveat emptor.

    Personally, I distrust guys like Michael Hoffman and Alex Jones and Henry Makow more than I do Alex Linder, though Linder’s “kill them all now” stance does make me wonder sometimes.

    At any rate, Linder’s arguments about conservatism are sensible. I try to judge arguments on their merits rather than on the personality that expresses them.

  4. It seems that everywhere I turn, whites are afraid to express a radical point of view, but that’s exactly what’s needed. Jews aren’t afraid to say that we’re the cancer of history and need to be exterminated, so why can’t we say the same about them? Jews aren’t afraid to say that neo-Nazis need to be killed, so why can’t we say the same about jewish radicals?

    To paraphrase the jew Chomsky, the bounds of acceptable discussion are determined by the poles, the extremes. If we’re going to tell ourselves from the onset that we’re not allowed to say certain things lest they make us appear unreasonable, we’re crippling ourselves.

    Everyone wants to wear what Anton LaVey called “the good guy badge.” Everyone wants to be in the center. No one wants to be offensive.

    Watch the footage of punk band Fear in the The Decline of Western Civilization. That’s exactly the kind of attitude that’s needed.

  5. “But oh,” I hear St. Michael Hoffman saying, “what you’re advocating is hate and hating jews is exactly what the rabbis want you to do. We should convert the jews Christianity.” Nonsense. Hate is only beneficial to the jews when it’s hate of the made-up variety, like “the holocaust.” You can be sure the jews would have a much more modest demeanor than they have today if Hitler had actually fried six million of them.

    Jews whine about hate as long as it’s make-believe hate that doesn’t actually harm them. Put a jew in an empty room and soon enough he’ll tell you that the blank wall is harboring anti-Semitic thoughts about him; that doesn’t mean that the proper way of dealing with him is to give him a hug.

  6. typo: We should convert the jews _to_ Christianity.

  7. Hey, I’ll tell you who you should be really afraid to give your IP addresses to — Google, and its subsites like YouTube, Blogger.com, and Facebook.

  8. Dixon Cox says:

    This post went from politics are boring to what’s wrong with the Jews (such a fresh subject) to being afraid of Google. This is good news to me because it shows that my subliminal internet ADD program is working. My future minions just can’t stay on point! This lack of focus only makes my job easier in the end. Let’s now talk about something that really matters and that is the significance of the little black frowny faced thing hanging from a thread at the top of this page. I think this is a mini web cam that Heidi uses to spy on us with. Have you ever noticed that no matter where you in reference to your monitor are it is always looking right at you? Why is it frowning and what are the antenna for?

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