Yes, I am back. Indeed.

Not happy about it at all. Simply do not like the trappings of modern civilization. I long for the sea, long for the country life. I hate it here and I am anxiously awaiting its demise.

I was HAPPY up there. I really was, every day of it. Now I am here and misery has set in again.

I guess I need to leave…will be leaving soon…I hope that I can function these final couple of weeks.

What can one say when they were in paradise, and now they are resigned to hell???


I suppose I should work on the photographs, maybe that will get me out of this funk.

I just want to sleep.

17 thoughts on “Yes, I am back. Indeed.

  1. Mike W says:

    It’s good you got away for awhile and refreshed your spirit…I should do the same 🙂

  2. Glad you made it back safely!! I bet you didn’t want to come back. Can’t wait to see the photos!! I hate society too, would love to have My own mountain and 300 acres of My own land.

    Be well My friend!

  3. Organon says:

    You’ll be where you want in life, at some point. Don’t compromise. Just remember who you are and where your heart lies.

  4. view voyer says:

    Welcome back Heidi,you were missed. *hugs*

  5. anarchore says:

    The ‘economy’ is based on artificial scarcity they maintain through their usury system. Artificial scarcity = more profit for these bastards!

    Maybe it’s not too late to set up a parallel society, free from usury and private property hoarding, rents, regulations, and licenses. Live in the woods. Learn from the bears(bears are not dangerous compared to people), deer and elk. Burrow underground, gather berries and herbs, maybe conduct raids on the townies for supplies, watch them fret about the ‘economy’ and drop from bio-warfare via their food and vaccines, as we wait inside mountains. Then we take over and remake the society to our values. Anyone want to start the new race of Elves, or Dwarves, that will take over from the dying, corrupted society of men?

    • Dixon Cox says:

      Sounds Great!

      Why don’t you get started digging that hole in the moutain and I will join you as soon as I can. Leave the light on!

  6. “Learn from the bears(bears are not dangerous compared to people), deer and elk.”

    I’d rather eat them, thanks. 🙂

  7. “Anyone want to start the new race of Elves, or Dwarves, that will take over from the dying, corrupted society of men?”

    How ’bout a race of giants?

  8. “White Giants” — sounds like the name of a cheesy metal band, eh, eh. 🙂

  9. Haha… yeah I’m crazy. Been spending lots of time in the woods lately.

  10. anarchore says:

    I was watching that bear jism survivorguy or whatever that fake show is called… the idiot is in the Yukon in summer time surrounded by grasses berries, shoots, tubers and other things he can eat, and all he can think to do is waste his time and energy trying to kill animals… fuckin poacher.

  11. Yeah, I guess the Indians were kinda stupid that way too. Surrounded by plants, but for some reason they insisted on eating animals.

    Reading recommendation: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Dr. Weston Price.

  12. anarchore says:

    Wong takes a good premise -the Paleolithic diet, and how veering from it is a disaster for our health but then blames it on not eating meat… fact is most people ARE eating meat – and apparently shrinking.

    Wong takes a crazy turn at half way into the recording, where he seems to advocate cannibalism. He says our bodies are red like cows, so we should eat red meat.

    What the industrial view fails to take into consideration is soil health. When soil is healthy, it is teeming with beneficial fungi, bacteria and microbes that act synergistically with each other, bind with the plants roots and make available nutrients that would otherwise not be as available. The industrial fertilizers destroy the fungis hyphea and disrupt the soil food web.

    The Swiss cited here only ate meat once a week according to this:

    And these Shaolin Bhuddists are vegetarian:

    We can have a world of plenty, rather than scarcity. If we want it. Check out the monster five year old tomato plants, on rock dust!

    • heidilore says:

      I think the biggest issue is not meat eating vs vegetarianism. The issue is WE ARE INGESTING GARBAGE. Genetically modified, factory farms, etc. I will not eat meat because of these reasons.

      • anarchore says:

        Yep and companies like Monsanto are standing against the will of the people, who want to know what they are eating, and are growing their own food or buying from local farmers’ markets.

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