How the hell?

How the hell am I supposed to have faith in humanity when people are behaving like idiots?


7 thoughts on “How the hell?

  1. Organon says:

    What do you mean? What all is happening up there?

  2. angryton says:

    Who says you need to have faith in humanity? LOL.

  3. Big Bear says:

    Have faith in yourself. Share your time with people of similar interests, and don’t get too depressed over all of the dipshits out there.

  4. Dixon Cox says:

    Have faith that the people who contribute nothing to society will always out number the people who contribute something. Have faith that the politicians pander to the masses who contribute nothing. Have faith that if you plant a seed it will grow and have faith that if you can feed yourself you will prosper.

    Keep the shit pot stirred up and you will be rewarded with lots of amusing entertainment!

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